The MJ12 Missile Silo is a location visited by JC Denton in Deus Ex.

Although it was originally an X-51 base, Bob Page sent a large squad of MJ12 soldiers and bots, led by Howard Strong to kill its inhabitants and use its missile launch systems to destroy Vandenberg. After infiltrating the MJ12 Ocean Lab and finding the containment unit, JC is sent here to disarm the warhead.


The surface of the base consists of a fenced-in main area containing several buildings patrolled by Page Bravo-3 Peacebringers and MJ12 Troopers. It houses an elevator and staircase that lead deeper into the base. 1 Guard tower houses a sniper, and each ground-level gate is locked. There is also an exterior perimeter guarded by Doberman Pinschers. At one corner is a guards quarters where 3 Troopers are playing a card game. This building has its own catwalk leading into the gated center. In another corner, the missile silo itself can be found, though the door leading into it is locked. There are three access routes to the silo. Once in the base's interior, JC must bypass several heavy blast doors to get to the control center, which is guarded by 3 Men in Black and MJ12 Commandos. Once the missile has been redirected, JC can venture inside the Silo itself. The Silo consists of 6 "levels", or circular catwalks around the Rocket. Level 1 that is flooded with coolant, level 2 consists of Howard Strong on a forklift, and level 3 contains 2 Chiang Arcbot M2 robots. Level 4 houses a Matsu-Gravas R-118 Repair bot, and levels 5 and 6 are guarded by several extremely dangerous enemies, such as MiBs and Commandos. Level 5 is connected to the base by a long hallway, and level 6 opens out to the courtyard's perimeter via a trapdoor.


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