MJ12 Troopers (in-game label: MJ12 Troop) are the rank-and-file soldiers of Majestic 12. MJ12 troopers are a common type of non-player character in Deus Ex, appearing regularly after early missions of the game.

Background[edit | edit source]

MJ12 troopers are commonly deployed as guards for MJ12 facilities. By 2052, MJ12 units were being deployed more and more openly under the guise of "UN security forces," replacing the personnel of UNATCO and FEMA.[1]

MJ12 troopers are perceived as being a private security force. When Ford Schick was held captive by MJ12 troopers in a sewers lab below Hell's Kitchen, he believed that he was being held by "private security for a biotech company or something."[2] According to the journal of an MJ12 trooper, the trooper was told that he was part of a "private security organization." The journal suggests that some troopers do not know the true nature of their employers. However, some troopers appear to be aware that Bob Page is in command of operations[3] and that they are opposed by the Illuminati.[4]

On the field, MJ12 troopers are often led by men in black or women in black. In Hong Kong, Maggie Chow was given a contingent of troopers to handle local operations.[5]

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

MJ12 troopers wear black combat uniforms with grey metallic-looking body armor, black dress shirts, grey leg armor, black pants, and a red "XII" (the Roman numeral for 12) written on the front of their helmets. They also wear black goggles.

MJ12 troopers have stats that are generic to all common troopers. Therefore, by default, MJ12 troopers are identical to UNATCO troopers in terms of combat characteristics. MJ12 troopers have no special resistances against any damage type. While troopers carry assault rifles by default, they can be seen with an assortment of weapons, including assault shotguns, Sniper rifles, and mini-crossbows. Compared to other types of common troopers, MJ12 trooper are more often seen carrying GEP guns and other heavy weapons.

Locations[edit | edit source]

MJ12 troopers are first seen in the sewers during the Hell's Kitchen portion of the second mission. If JC rescues Ford from the troopers, JC will observe, "I don't recognize the uniforms of the soldiers...Corporate security isn't usually outfitted to fight a ground-war." From the fifth mission onward, MJ12 troopers are the most common type of human enemies encountered.

References[edit | edit source]

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