MY DIARY (by Chou Jian) is an eBook in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It can be found in Alice Garden Pods, on the filing bookcase inside the reception office.

Transcript Edit


I am so tired of this place. Day in, day out, solving problems for a bunch of whiny losers. "Fix my shit!" "Unblock my toilet!" I'll tell you dumbasses what: don't flush dope baggies and bottle caps down the john and it won't overflow. I did a graduate degree in Engineering for this!?


I've just got to get out of this place. This shitty hotel is really getting me down. All I've got to do is save enough money to get out of here and I'll never have to see this place again. Two more years. That's it. And then I'm gone. I'll be goodbye Lower Hengsha, hello sunshine and fresh air!


Had to fix Deng's front door again. This makes the third time in two weeks. He keeps coming home drunk, unable to find his keys and then kicks in the door. This place is driving me nuts. I cannot wait to get out.

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