Madame Photographe's computer is a computer appearing in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It can be found in the second floor apartment in the courtyard behind Task Force 29 Headquarters, and has a security rating of 1.

The computer belongs to an Illuminati spy, Madame Photographe, and the e-mails give insight into her activities in Prague (specifically, watching Adam Jensen and Alex Vega). The e-mails use the following code names:


Report dataEdit

To: madamephotographe

We received your last surveillance package and are running down the unknowns in the photographs. If anything pertinent hits, we will update you with required actions. In the meantime, keep trailing the girl, and the Watcher will handle the main subject.


In Prague soonEdit

From: occasionalvisitor
To: madamephotographe

I've been asked to return to Prague to evaluate assets. With regards to the Main Subject in particular I'll need medical records, reports, everything, as recent as possible. You'll have to ask The Watcher for those I'd imagine. Once you have then, leave them somewhere safe, (as always, the storage unit is my preference), then clean the apartment and get yourself a hotel. Also, the refrigerator is to be stocked with an assortment of organic juices and there should be fresh fruit. All this god dammed travel is drying me out.


This e-mail appears during the side mission The Mystery Augs.

To: madamephotographe

Operation compromised.
Visitor is public domain.
Extract Visitor to safe-site-bravo ASAP.
If Visitor resists, retire Visitor.
Report safe.

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