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Margaret "Maggie" Chow[1] is a femme fatale and Majestic 12 operative. At around 2052, Chow instigated a conflict between two Triad groups in Hong Kong, to the benefit of Majestic 12.


After rising to fame as a martial arts movie star, Chow's ambitions brought her to the world of business. She became a partner of the Lucky Money club and a director of VersaLife. Through VersaLife, she met Bob Page, leader of Majestic 12. Chow would also become a Majestic 12 member herself. At some point, Chow had a relationship with the second-in-command of the Red Arrow Triad, Max Chen, from which she bore a daughter named Lin-May Chen.

Sometime around 2052, the Red Arrow Triads managed to steal a prototype of the Dragon's Tooth sword from VersaLife. Acting in the interest of Majestic 12, Chow recovered the prototype sword and used it to murder the Red Arrow Leader, Yuen Kong.[2] She then framed the murder on the Luminous Path Triads, thereby instigating a war between the two Triad groups.

Walton Simons commended Chow for her exploitation of the sword theft to escalate tensions between the Triads. Simons saw that the resulting struggle would weaken the native power structure, and solidify Majestic 12's control over Hong Kong, the first step toward expanding Majestic 12's control over China as a whole. Realizing Chow's value, Simons ordered additional MJ12 personnel to be placed under Chow's command for local operations.[3]

At the time of JC Denton's arrival in Hong Kong, Chow lives in a luxurious high-rise penthouse in the Queen's Tower Luxury Suites on Tonnochi Road. According to some, she is well respected and is noted for giving a lot of money to fight drug trafficking and illegal trade.[4] Others observe that she is a bad character who has too much influence in Hong Kong politics.[5]

The Triad war instigated by Chow would come to an end as a result of JC Denton's actions in Hong Kong. Acting on behalf of Gordon Quick, JC discovers the Dragon's Tooth sword in the secret Majestic 12 quarters attached to Chow's penthouse. JC then presents the sword to Max Chen, now the leader of the Red Arrow, as proof that it was Chow who murdered the Red Arrow's former leader. Chow herself meets defeat at the hands of JC Denton.


Maggie Chow first rose to public attention as a star of martial arts movies. As her fortune grew, so did her ambitions, and she turned to the world of business. Her investments were neither safe nor conventional, but they did pay off impressively. For one thing, she became a partner in the Lucky Money Club, Hong Kong's premier night spot... and more. For another, she became one of the directors of the Hong Kong based multinational VersaLife Corporation. It was through VersaLife that she met Bob Page, the world's richest man.

Maggie is a true femme fatale. Even her closest allies and partners are never sure where her real loyalty lies. (Except, of course, that she can always be relied upon to look out for Maggie.) The ancients said, "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." If that's true, Maggie Chow is an easy person to get close to.

Deus Ex official strategy guide, "Maggie Chow: Tycoon and Former Starlet"


Maggie Chow is a major character during the 6th mission taking place in Hong Kong. Visiting her penthouse and locating the Dragon's Tooth sword is a required objective in this mission.

  • The first possible encounter with Chow is in her penthouse, where she is accompanied by May Sung.
    • Chow will provide the optional goal of retrieving evidence from the basement of the police station, which Chow believes will settle the Triad dispute. Chow will not be at the penthouse if JC retrieves the evidence prior to meeting Chow.
    • Chow will de-spawn from her penthouse whenever JC enters the MJ12 quarters.
    • Chow will not make any further appearances if she is killed or knocked out in her penthouse.
  • Chow will later confront JC inside the Universal Constructor chamber of the VersaLife facility. Chow wields a Dragon's Tooth sword during this fight.
    • Chow's dialogue here will depend on whether JC retrieved the evidence from the police station.
    • If JC retrieved the Dragon's Tooth from Chow's apartment without talking to her, Chow will reprimand him, saying "You have terrible manners, Mr. Denton, stopping by my apartment without even saying hello..."


  • Maggie Chow's character design was inspired by Hong Kong celebrities Vivian Chow, Maggie Cheung, and Anita Mui.[6]
  • In prerelease design document v13.12, Maggie Chow is described as a Majestic 12 operative who "masquerades as Paul Denton’s supposed wife." It also states that she "pretends to be Paul Denton’s wife in order to facilitate the transfer of his body (dead or alive) to VersaLife for study and/or autopsy." In the design document's description of the Hong Kong mission, Tracer Tong talks about Chow as if she were actually Paul's wife.
    • There is no mention of Chow's act of pretending to be Paul's wife during the normal course of the released game. Therefore, this particular story element appears to have been cut.
    • A remnant of this story element does exist in unused dialogue for a Red Arrow Triad member that is placed in the Wan Chai Market map but does not appear in normal gameplay. If spoken to, the NPC will say, "You do not know your own brother's wife?" (to which JC responds, "Wife?").[7] This NPC is hidden at a location that is unreachable by normal means. Furthermore, he is stuck in the T-pose, and cannot be interacted with unless his T-pose is deactivated.
    • In the released game, Chow claims to know Paul "intimately," in response to JC's question "You know my brother?." This is the only time that Chow mentions a relationship with Paul.

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