Maggie Chow lives in the penthouse of the Queen's Tower Luxury Suites building on 1313 Tonnochi Road. The luxurious suite occupies two levels. The first level offers direct access to the penthouse elevator, a lounge room and a dining room, while her bedroom, conference room (with her computer) and bathroom is located on the second. The second level also offers living quarters for Maggie Chows's full-time maid and undercover bodyguard, May Sung. Chow also has a cat, scared by JC Denton's presence.

There are three ways to access the penthouse: the simplest being directly through the penthouse elevator from the lobby, although JC can also make the jump through the window from Jock's apartment across the street. A roof entrance also exists, which involves storming a secret Majestic 12 headquarters behind Maggie Chow's apartment and entering through two false walls. The player can also go behind the apartment complex and up a maintenance elevator to the helipad, and break in through the skylight.


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