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— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
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Marchenko's Kill Switch, also known as Damocles' Sword, is a special item in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The kill switch can be used to kill Victor Marchenko by activating a bomb implanted into his head.


This transmitter, once activated, will kill Viktor Marchenko.


Marchenko himself insisted on planting the bomb inside his head. The kill switch was entrusted to the Shadow Operatives, who were instructed by Bob Page to terminate Marchenko using the kill switch in case he ever deviates from his mission.[1][2]


There are two places where the kill switch can be found, and it is well hidden in both areas. The first location is in Hangar 2 in G.A.R.M., where it is in a locker behind a hidden panel. To get it, use a button on the back side of the lockers.

The second location is in the London Apex Centre, in a room near where Miller is found. Under the desk and behind the studio bags, it is in a weapons briefcase. Despite there being two locations to find it, there is only one kill switch, so if Jensen finds it in G.A.R.M., it will not also appear in London.


The kill switch has no function until Jensen meets Marchenko in the exhibition hall in M16: Stopping Marchenko. At that point, it can either be used during the cutscene to avoid the fight altogether, or during the fight for the same fatal effect. Additionally, if Jensen reached Nathaniel Brown and the delegates before arriving at the exhibition hall, possession of the kill switch will have the effect of delaying Marchenko's detonation of the bombs.

Using the kill switch earns the Laputan Machine achievement. Note, however, that using the kill switch counts as a lethal kill the will void the Pacifist achievement.


  • The kill switch can be sold to merchants at a base sell price of 500 credits. Tars will pay an additional 60%, for a sell price of 800 credits.
  • If Jensen has the Micro-Assembler, the kill switch can be dismantled for 10 crafting parts.
  • It has the appearance of a modified Multi-Tool.


  • The name Damocles' Sword is a reference to a Greek story of a royal courtier who envied the King's lifestyle. The King saw this and allowed Damocles to live like a king for a day, but put a sword over him, which made Damocles unwilling to keep the role.[3]