Marcie Sedlák's computer is located in Task Force 29's front company Praha Dovoz, located in Čistá Čtvrť, one of the districts of Prague. The computer is used by Marcie Sedlák, an agent of TF29 and the manager of Praha Dovoz. The computer is unlocked.


RE: being watched?Edit

From: Gabriel Nelson
To: Marcie SedlaksicIcon sic

Hi, Marcie.

You don't need to worry about this guy.
I call him Nosey, because he watches EVERYONE. I use him as an informant from time to time. He's shifty, but harmless - unless you have something to hide. But he knows better than to get on TF29's bad side.



From: Peter Chang
To: Marcie SedlaksicIcon sic


Things haven't been right around this place lately. I think someone's preparing to launch an all-out assualtsicIcon sic on our security.

These kinds of people almost always have someone doing the legwork in realspacesicIcon sic.

I've seen people watching the store, like they know it's a front.

Keep on the lookout! If you see anyone who hangs around outside too long and looks like they're trying too hard to be casual, let me and Jim know ASAP.


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