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Margaret "Margie" Jensen is Adam Jensen's adoptive mother.


Margie has suffered from depression for most of her life and has been on antidepressants since the age of 14. By the age of 18 she met and married Arthur Jensen.[Notes 1] The couple lived in Michigan, United States, where Arthur worked at White Helix Labs. For a period of 8 years Margie's antidepressant medication was paid for by Arthur's White Helix insurance.[2]

Her medical history indicates that she is sterile[3] and is the reason she and Arthur sought to adopt a child.

As of 2027, Margie and Arthur are both alive and located in the Detroit area.[4]

While Jensen seldom speaks of his family, he does mention Margie during Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, noting that she would not want to see him in a brothel,[5] and that she sometimes kept him waiting.[6]

Adopting Adam[]

The Jensens tried adopting children from several Michigan adoption agencies but Margie was deemed unfit as a parent.[2]

When White Helix Labs burned down, all files and employment records were lost and the Jensens were able to remain undetected. Arthur Jensen had sufficient connections through his old Desert Storm contacts to have certain records sealed but Margie's records were available, allowing Brent Radford to research the family's adoption of Adam.

Margie and Arthur were acquainted with White Helix Lab nurse Michelle Walthers,[7] who bequeathed Adam to them an unknown time after Walthers rescued Adam from White Helix Labs, knowing their desire for a child. Adam reappeared as their son from the age of 5 on with no paper trail regarding his adoption.

Relying solely on Arthur's income, money was always tight for the family; Margie lacked the skills and emotional temperament needed to maintain a job.[8] When Margie lost a job she would pull Adam from school to go on "an adventure" they could not afford--these outings were some of Adam's happiest memories but were also tinged with guilt and uncertainty.[9]


  1. This e-mail refers to Margie as Arthur's wife, implying they married before Arthur joined White Helix Labs.


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