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Mari Hela is a Woman in Black who is in charge of an operation in Paris and the Paris Catacombs in 2052.

Background[edit | edit source]

Hela is an MJ12 operative who, while in Paris, is charged with assisting the local authorities in hunting members of Silhouette and any last remnants of the Illuminati. Another objective of hers is to discern the locations of Morgan Everett, Tracer Tong, Jaime Reyes, Alex Jacobson, Paul Denton (if he is still alive), and JC Denton, and kill them if they attempt to link up with any Illuminati or Silhouette personnel. She is under the direction of Aston Greer and is under orders to assist Inspector Gabily with this operation. She unnerved the MJ12 troopers there, to the point where they compared her and her command post to "a harpie roosting in its nest," and they noted that she seemed to "get off" by being in the catacombs. JC Denton eventually discovers Mari in her command post, flanked by two MJ12 commandos. While it is possible to simply stun her (or avoid her altogether), if JC chooses to fight Hela, she will taunt him by saying "Walton Simons says hello!" and pull out a shotgun. Hela is equal in fighting ability to other Women in Black, and like the rest, upon termination, her body explodes.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "That wasn't a rat..."
  • "Hela Speaking. We might have something."
  • "Was that something moving? Too many echoes in here..."
  • "Mr. Simons will not be happy about this."
  • "Anyone he gets past, I'll kill them myself."
  • "Walton Simons says hello."

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Mari Hela is one of three WIBs whose voice is natural sounding as opposed to the mechanical sounding voices of most WIBs, the other two being the Laboratory Special Security in the VersaLife labs.
  • If aware of JC, when attacking she will use unique quotes, different from the generic WiBs when provoked.
  • If knocked out, Hela carries a Scope weapon modification, a LAW, and a Sawed off shotgun.
  • Hela will try to use her LAW if out of ammo or if the player is a safe enough distance away. She has no animation for this, and will slide around using her last animation while it is held.

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