Mary Morevic's computer is located in Golem City, on a platform above Tibor Sokol's unit. Use remote hacking to gain access to her living unit. The computer has a security rating of 2.

E-mails Edit

RE: I can't find her! Edit

From: olivierberthelot@genmail.mail
To: angelfire@blackslab.mail

Good god, hearing you now makes me realize I was married to a stranger all those years. You scare me, Mary. What if it‘s too late? I already tried contacting her again but her address came back as unknown. It's like she's vanished off the face of the earth. So help me, I'll never forgive you if anything happens to our little girl.

From: angelfire@blackslab.mail
To: olivierberthelot@genmail.mail
Subject: RE: I can't find her!

I‘m going to break out of Golem tonight. It took a while to find some suitable hardware but I got my hands on a police PSec with the code to one of their weapon lockers. Keep trying to reach her Olivier. So help me God, the Dvalis will regret the day we met.

From: olivierberthelot@genmailmail
To: angelfire@blackslab.mail
Subject: I can't find her!

Mary, give me some news! What should I do? First all the trouble with the eviction and now this.

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