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"When Tarsus Director Leila Nassif goes into hiding after the destruction of the Tarsus Academy in Upper Seattle, she quickly covers her tracks. The best chance for finding a lead to her may be her family and friends in her childhood home, Cairo. Maskini is Leila’s uncle. He manages a greenhouse which Leila funded to give the poorer districts of Cairo a chance to become more self-sufficient. He fondly remembers the precocious little girl who was the first Nassif to pull herself out of the shantytown, with help from a Tarsus scholarship, and he will help anyone he perceives to be a friend of Leila’s to better understand her past and to uncover the plot against the Nassif family in the all too immediate present."
— description of Maskini Nassif, Deus Ex: Invisible War

Maskini Nassif is a character in Deus Ex: Invisible War. He is the owner of the Nassif Greenhouse, father of Eeva Nassif, and uncle of Leila Nassif.


Maskini lives in the Medina Apartments in Old Cairo, and inherited the Nassif Greenhouse after his brother was assassinated by the WTO. His daughter Eeva is a student at the local Tarsus Academy, and is singled out by the Director, a Templar Paladin who plans to kill the augmented students. On Alex Denton's second visit to Cairo, Maskini and Eeva are living in their apartment, but Silas Archer and another Paladin above them plot a raid on the apartment, which Alex can stop.