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Medical Bot

The GV-4 Nightingale medical bot

The Matsu-Gravas GV-4 Nightingale Medical bot is a type of medical and transplant bot developed by Matsu-Gravas which appears only in Deus Ex. It is replaced by the Piezochem A-V810 Medical bot in Deus Ex: Invisible War.


The Matsu-Gravas GV-4 was the newest addition to the M-G line in 2052, representing their first foray into the medical bot category largely monopolized by Page Industries and Chiang subsidiary HealTech. Unlike the competing Page or HealTech units, the M-G GV-4 used a completely proprietary operating system developed at M-G's research campus in Prague that promised to revolutionize automated healing by combining a comprehensive medical and pharmaceutical database with M-G's tested autonomous heuristic routines. Anecdotal evidence suggested that the GV-4 could heal wounds far beyond the capabilities of any other competing model, though it did require a substantial recharging period.[1]

Despite being a competing roduct, the medical bot was a common sight in facilities tied to Bob Page, such as the UNATCO Headquarters or Majestic 12 facilities. In impoverished areas, such as New York City, medbots were restricted to clinics and typically kept under lock and key, despite their immense ability to heal.[2] Prices ranged from 500 credits[3] to as much as 2000 credits, depending on the patient and their apparent wealth.[4]

Although considered profiteering by poorer patients,[5] restricting these services to paying customers was necessary to cover basic expenses for the clinics,[6] and reduce the workload: Automated care plans guaranteed access to medbots 24 hours a day.[7]



A medical bot

Medbots are semi-autonomous mobile surgery units. A medbot can heal up to 300 points of physical damage when used. The same medbot can be used any number of times, but they require one minute to recharge between uses. Medbots are also necessary to install new augmentations from an augmentation canister. The main limiting factor with medbots is that you have to go where they are — you can’t take one with you.


  • Liberty Island, three medical bots can be found hidden in a container.
  • UNATCO HQ, in the medical center in level 3.
  • Free Clinic, inside one of the rooms. Requires a keycode (2153).
  • NSF HQ in New York, inside the computer room.
  • Versalife Level 2 labs, in the UC chamber one floor under the augmentation canisters.
  • Sickbay in PRCS Wall Cloud upper deck.
  • Room with 2 guards in metro station in Paris.
  • Majestic 12 Facility, inside a prison cell.
  • Room labeled Aquinas Hub access inside Area 51.


  • The bot is simply tagged as "Med-bot" in-game.
  • The augmentation upgrade canister does not require a med-bot to be used.
  • In the PS2 port of Deus Ex, Medbot will always restore JC Denton to full health even past 300 points. Since augmentation canisters can be installed without a Medbot in this version, the Medbot can't be used to install them.


  • The bot is presumably named after English nurse Florence Nightingale.
  • A hilarious and little known glitch is that a Medbot can drown. If one noclips quickly after you spawn to the left sunken part of the MJ12 Underwater Lab, the player can find a medical bot underwater. If one then uses Targeting Enhancement on the bot you can see that it's losing health due to drowning damage.

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