"Best known as the manager of the Lucky Money Club, Max Chen's real job is Dragon Head of the Red Arrow Triad. Chen doesn't have much time for all that traditional/mystical crap that Gordon Quick and the Luminous Path go in for... he runs his organization like a business. His troops are well trained, well armed, and willing to follow his orders no matter what. In his public persona as one of Hong Kong's premier hosts, he's fashionable, witty, generous, and urbane. Max Chen is not the sort to trust people easily. His loyalty must be earned... or at least bought."
— description of Max Chen, Deus Ex

Max Chen is the newly appointed "Dragon Head" of the "Red Arrow" triad.


Chen commands and controls his syndicate from within the Lucky Money nightclub, which serves as a legitimate front company for the Red Arrow's illicit activities. Chen has prominent influence throughout the affluent Wan Chai District of Hong Kong, where the Red Arrow holds significant sway over its long time rivals, the Luminous Path triad. Chen's predecessor, Yuen Kong, was murdered by Maggie Chow, a member of the Majestic 12 organization, which sought to weaken the two triads by plunging them into full-scale warfare. Chow also had a relationship with Chen, from which they bore a daughter, Lin-May Chen, the High Augur of Order Church, appearing in the Deus Ex sequel Deus Ex: Invisible War. Chow blamed the murder of the Red Arrow's leader on the Luminous Path, thereby successfully turning the rival factions against one another. This conflict led to several brutal confrontations, with both groups suffering casualties. With neither Max Chen nor Gordon Quick wishing to relinquish ground to the opposition, the Luminous Path sympathizer, Tracer Tong, set a series of plans into motion in an attempt to halt the conflict before it became a prolonged and bloody war.

Tong had his newest ally, JC Denton, act as a go-between for the two factions, with JC confronting Chen at the Lucky Money to reveal the truth behind the ongoing conflict. Chen, who wished to resolve the conflict if possible, asked that JC procure the Dragon's Tooth Sword stolen at the time of his predecessor's murder, to help prove his theory. After JC returned with the sword, Chen quickly called a ceasefire between the Red Arrow and the Luminous Path. Chen and Gordon Quick then conduct a ceremony designed to return the two factions to the uneasy truce that had long prevailed before Majestic 12's interference. Unlike Gordon, he cannot be killed in the last visit in the Lucky Money Club.

Bugs Edit

Before you visit the Lucky Money, Max Chen can be found atop the building between the temple in Wan Chai Market and the passage to the Old China Hand bar.

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