May Sung is the maid of Maggie Chow, working in her apartment. She guides the player to Maggie Chow and follows them around if they go anywhere else.

May Sung has a pistol and medkit that she'll use if the player tries using Maggie Chow's security console.

May Sung has her own room in Maggie's apartment and a datacube from Maggie to May can be found suggesting that she reads her favorite books Insurgent and Tai-Fun, describing both as "illuminating". Tai-Fun was Maggie's previous security password with Insurgent being her new one.

"When you have the time, May-Sung, I would suggest that you read two of my favorite books: Insurgent and Tai-Fun. I believe you'll find both of them as illuminating as I have. They're in my office if you'd like to borrow them."
— Maggie Chow's datacube in May Sung's room

If the player tries going to the police station as Maggie Chow suggests and then coming back, she will be gone. Talking to May Sung as this point will cause her to call for guards which quickly appear and attack.


May Sung's model has an incorrect weapon triangle for some animations, causing her weapon to occasionally fly into position when trying to fire it.

May Sung is meant to have additional lines when throwing things around near her, but they go unused as instead of her BarkBindName being MaySung, it's "Woamn", typo and all.


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