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"The McMoran MD-118 Mass Driver is the first piece of accelerated stock to be constructed on such a scale, and certainly the first to operate extraterestrially," said Sean Murphy. "The selection of McMoran for this contract by the Chinese government is a major step towards closer economic ties between China and the U.S."
Sean Murphy, 2052

McMoran Global Steel was a corporation contracted by the Chinese government to construct a landmark device for the Zhou Enlai Lunar Mining Complex: A state of the art MD-118 mass driver to deliver lunar ore to Earth by launching it from the lunar surface. McMoran has the distinction of being one of the few corporations to win a fight with Page Industries: The bitter bidding war culminated in a failed hostile takeover attempt by Page. Although McMoran won the bid,[1] the first launch was sabotaged by Page's agents, resulting in the payload slamming into the outskirts of Ibadan, Nigeria, with the force of a small nuclear weapon, embarrassing China and McMoran. The corporation vowed to investigate the tragedy together with the Chinese government and the United Nations.[2]