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Megan Reed is the head of neuro-scientific research on augmentations at Sarif Industries and Adam Jensen's former lover in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, she is working for Bob Page at one of his VersaLife facilities.


Megan Reed was born in Seattle, Washington, in 1995, the only child of two doctors who both decided early on that family life would never interfere with their careers. As a child, Megan was often left on her own and took refuge in her intelligent imagination, developing a rich inner life at the expense of interpersonal socialization.[2]

Around 2009-2010, Megan moved to North Carolina and then moved to France in 2012, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude in Neurology & Psychology.[3] Early in her studies she was impressed by Hugh Darrow's work and has wanted to work for him ever since.[2]

In 2018, Megan returned to the United States and two years later she was hired by Sarif Industries as a genetic researcher. She became the head of the science team in 2023.[3]

As the head of neuro-scientific research on augmentations at Sarif Industries, Megan is in charge of advancing the applications of cybernetic augmentations for the company. David Sarif handpicked her due to her earlier work and extensive research in the field. It was also Megan who recommended Jensen for the job as chief of security.[4]


In 2027, she was preparing to go to Washington D.C. along with her team of scientists to defend their research once again, but not before she confesses to Jensen that this new discovery is "Rosetta Stone big" and that what really worries her is being asked how she discovered it. She further reveals her uneasiness on this topic in an e-mail with Sarif, where she explains she is afraid of possible questions concerning the first sample and Patient X.

In her Patient X study, Reed discovered a unique genome that could tolerate augmentations without suffering from Darrow Deficiency Syndrome (DDS).

Before Reed could present her research, the Tyrants attack the Sarif Industries Headquarters. During the attack, she is rendered unconscious by Jaron Namir as she attempts to defend the maimed Jensen. Six months later she is stated to have been killed in the attack and official autopsies have apparently been performed. However, Reed was never explicitly shown to have been killed, causing speculation on whether or not she may still be alive among some of her former colleagues. In reality, she was not killed and instead taken to a FEMA camp at Highland Park so Isaias Sandoval could remove her and her team's GPL implants. However, Sandoval was unsuccessful at removing them so he lowered the frequency instead, making Sarif think they had been killed in the attack.

After the frequency change, Reed and her team are taken to Hugh Darrow's Omega Ranch research facility in Singapore, where she is guarded over by Namir. Darrow eventually convinced her that allowing humanity to be freely augmented without restrictions, as her research would allow, was wrong, and got her to work for him. When Jensen finally finds and confronts her, she reveals that the Tyrants attack and kidnapping was real, as they wanted her and her research, but Darrow reassured her he was only pretending to work with TYM and the others to make sure their control signal would not work. She went along with it, not knowing Darrow had something more drastic in mind. With Jensen's help, Megan and the other kidnapped scientists escape the Singapore facility.

The D Project[]

Main article: The D Project

After the Aug Incident, Reed goes to work for Bob Page on a nanite-virus chimera - the D Project. Whether the nanite-virus chimera is the Gray Death, nanotechnological augmentations, the conception of JC Denton, or even just an intermediate predecessor to those technologies, currently remains unknown. Furthermore, it is not clear whether Reed knows that Page is a member of the Illuminati or the full consequences of her decision to work for him.


By 2029, Reed has taken a job at VersaLife's Roccasecca Beach facility at San Francisco to begin her life anew. Her first project, code named the Orchid, is a chemical agent that builds off her earlier research at Sarif Industries as a way to prevent augmentation rejection and, therefore, allow people to be augmented without the need for Neuropozyne. She appears to be oblivious to Page actually using it as a poison, expressing her concern about it being unstable and to always have the neutralizing enzyme (the cure) on hand at all times until she can stabilize it.



  • Michelle Boback, Megan Reed's voice actress, is the wife of Elias Toufexis, who in turn voices Adam Jensen. Elias, on his YouTube channel, played off of that in his New Years video, which can be seen here.
  • Megan Reed's face model is based on Canadian Polish top model Daria Werbowy.[5]
  • In a Director's Cut version developer commentary, it was revealed that Reed was supposed to be in Panchaea with Jensen after being rescued from Omega Ranch, and would have been with him until the end of the game.
  • In The Missing Link DLC, a saved conversation on Pieter Burke's computer in his office states that Megan has an "attachment problem" to Jensen, hinting that she still has feelings for him.
  • The footage of Reed being attacked by Namir from the Human Revolution Cinematic Trailer can be seen briefly in the announcement trailer for Mankind Divided at 0:56. She does not appear in game but is mentioned in passing several times throughout the story, and a conversation between her and Page can be heard if Jensen chooses to infiltrate the VersaLife corporate vault.
  • In Deus Ex, when JC Denton first goes to meet Joseph Manderley, the player can speak to his secretary, Janice Reed. It is unknown if there is a connection between Megan Reed and Janice, or if the name is merely a coincidence.
  • In the Acquaintances Forgotten quest, Brent Radford's hacker contact will refer to Megan as Jensen's "beau." This is a misnomer as the term "beau" is used for men only.
  • In Megan's office in Sarif Industries can be found a small toy cop car, a joke gift from Jensen on their first date, as he picked her up in a police cruiser.[6]


  • "People always fear change but in the end, it's the ones on the fence who'll make the difference."[7]
  • "I thought it was anomaly at first, but it's become to genetics what universal assemblers are to nanotechnology. We're talking about the Holy Grail of DNA here. Hell, this is Gregor Mendel big." (Regarding her research breakthrough with Patient X)[8]

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