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A Merchant is a person selling weapons and other valuables. In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, merchants are labeled on the map by a shopping cart icon.

List of Merchants Edit

Prague Edit

The following merchants in Prague carry a variety of items, which are sold through a computer interface. Their stocks change upon each visit to Prague. These merchants can also buy items from the player.

Merchant Location Specialty Also sells: Pays an extra 60% for:
Tars Rytíř Zeleň Apartments
Mikael Mendel 33 Hlavní
  • weapon modifications
  • weapons
  • weapon modifications
  • weapon ammunition
  • augmentation ammunition
Costache Tech Noir
  • Biocells
  • Stun gun
  • grenade launcher EMP grenades

The following merchants have a limited variety of items sold through dialogue options. However, items sold by these merchants, if also available at one of the above listed main merchants, are generally sold at lower prices. It is not possible to sell items to the following merchants.

Merchant Location Sells:
Aurelius Milkovich Sobchak Security 200 crafting parts (450 Credit symbol)
Kazatel varies (see his page) Information (Points of Interest locations, passwords, and keycodes) in exchange for Neuropozyne
Nada Birak Red Light District, Cigar Lounge Alcohol (50 Credit symbol each)

Can be persuaded to sell/trade for:

Percy Butler Tubehouse Electronics 5 Biocells (450 Credit symbol)
Teresa Petrauskas Svobody Beer Beer (10 Credit symbol each)

If given Neuropozyne, will sell a first aid pack (3 HypoStims, 5 shotgun EMP ammo, and 100 crafting parts) for 350 Credit symbol

Unnamed vendor Lékárna 5 HypoStims (250 Credit symbol)

Golem City Edit

The following merchants in Golem City sell through a computer interface and can also buy items from the player.

Merchant Location Specialty Pays an extra 60% for:
Entity below Štědrý Market
  • Multi-tools
  • hacking software
  • hacking software
  • Gyroscopic Regulator
  • Stem Processor Chip
  • Hydraulic Mycropump
Louis Gallois level above Štědrý Market
  • weapons
  • ammunition
  • weapons
  • weapon modifications
  • weapon ammunition
  • augmentation ammunition

A Criminal Past DLC Edit

There is one merchant the player can buy items from and sell items to through a computer interface.

Merchant Location Specialty Pays an extra 60% for:
Teddy Infirmary
  • weapons
  • ammunition
  • weapons
  • weapon modifications
  • weapon ammunition
  • augmentation ammunition

Selling Inventory Edit

Merchants who conduct their transactions through a computer screen (Tars, Mikael Mendel, Costache, Entity, Louis Gallois and Teddy from A Criminal Past) can also buy unwanted items from the player. Each sellable item has a base selling price, although certain merchants pay more money (plus 60%, rounded upward) for certain item types.

Vendor Preference
Tars Consumables & Alcohol
Costache Hacking Software & Miscellaneous
Mikael Mendel Weapons & Ammo

Note: When you sell a weapon, the merchant also pays for any loaded-in ammo, applied weapon mods and upgrades, the latter having a 1:1 parts spent—credits earned exchange ratio.

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Item Name Price, Credit symbol
Pistol 200
Elite Pistol 200
Machine pistol 300
Stun gun 625
Revolver 375
Classic Revolver 525
Otar's Revolver 875
Combat Rifle 250
Elite Combat Rifle 400
Cote d'Azure 1000
Battle Rifle 750
Elite Battle Rifle 900
Lancer 1125
Sniper rifle 1250
Tranquilizer rifle 875
Elite Tranquilizer Rifle 900
Tactical Shotgun 750
Devestator Shotgun 1125
Grenade launcher 1500
Weapon Mods
Laser Sight 250
Silencer 300
Holosight 250
4X Scope 375
Concussion grenade 25
EMP grenade 62
Fragmentation grenade 75
Gas grenade 62
Smoke grenade 18
Mine Template 75
Concussion mine 75
EMP mine 100
Fragmentation mine 100
Gas mine 100
Smoke mine 50
Pistol regular ammo 2
Pistol EMP 5
SMG regular ammo 1
Stun Dart 20
Revolver regular ammo 8
Revolver AP 20
Combat Rifle regular ammo 3
Combat Rifle AP 8
Combat Rifle EMP 6
Battle Rifle regular ammo 6
Battle Rifle AP 12
Sniper Rifle regular ammo 12
Sniper Rifle AP 25
Tranquilizer dart 25
Shotgun regular ammo 7
Shotgun AP 18
Shotgun EMP 11
Grenade Launcher (frag) 45
Grenade Launcher (EMP) 45
Grenade Launcher (gas) 45
Grenade Launcher (conc.) 45
TESLA ammo 50
Typhoon ammo 125
Nanoblade ammo 50
Hacking Software
Stop 50
Nuke 37
Stealth 62
Reveal 62
Datascan 50
Overclock 50
Multi-Tool 200
Biocell 50
Painkillers 12



Signal Jammer 500
Svobody Beer 2
Dai-Taiga Beer 2
Beekman's Brown Ale 2
Changuach Ale 2
Mramor Pilsner 2
Wine 20
Old Man's Prestige 31
Welsh Whiskey 12
Nye's Rye 12
Absinthe 12
Akuma Shochu 16
Neuropozyne 1000
Hydraulic Micropump 75
Stem Processor Chip 100
Gyroscopic Regulator 125
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