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  • Shouldn't these belong in the other section on the front page?

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  • I've asked one of our most active editors Sugarhoney if they'd be interested in admin rights considering Mankind Divided will be released soon. There aren't many active admins at the moment, and with the increase in edits we'll see soon I think we'll benefit from another one. Sugarhoney is very qualified to be as they have been an active editor here for a long time and therefore know the wiki well. They also already do admin related tasks such as undoing vandalism, and nominating pages for deletion.

    If you have no objections to it, I plan to give Sugarhoney admin rights. Let me know what you think!

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  • Hey ResistanZ!

    Wanted to talk to you and the other admins at the Deus Ex Wiki about an exciting upcoming opportunity for the community. Wikia is currently in talks with Square Enix about DX: Mankind Divided, and they’re interested in working with you and the DX Wiki community to help make it the prime destination of DX info at launch.

    This is intended as one of our Fan Studio projects, meaning we’ll create articles based around Deus Ex: Mankind Divided for the wiki, including 101 style articles for players new to the Deus Ex universe, video content, and other stuff TBD. Wikia will also be promoting the various aspects of the Fan Studio across related wikis and portals, so you can expect a big increase in pageviews, and an uptick in community members.

    To start, Square Enix is interested in working with you on a redesign of the main page, and updating some of the design elements (background, wordmark etc) with some more recent Mankind Divided screens/logos etc. They have a huge number of assets they’re willing to share for this project, and they’re curious to learn from you what your top priorities would be in terms of assets for the update.

    This is only scratching the surface, but I’m eager to hear your thoughts, and please let me know if there’s any questions I can answer!


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    • Yes! Absolutely! If Square Enix is interested in redesigning our wiki then I doubt any of the admins wouldn't support this 100%. I personally don't really understand what kind of particular assets you're referring to, but any updates that would benefit this wiki aesthetically is a big plus. Any information about the characters which hasn't already made public being revealed through the wiki would be pretty amazing too.

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    • Great! 

      Looks like you and Iwantacallisto are up to speed with the plan for the temporary "defacing".

      As far as the assets mentioned go, we're mostly talking about stuff like extremely large resolution screenshots, prototype art of the characters, logos for the new game etc. Like most of the websites and magazines out there though, we're kind of at the mercy of Square Enix's PR team, esp when it comes to new info about the game/characters. They usually have all their reveals planned out ahead of time, but hopefully they can get us something cool.

      Lemme know if you've got any questions/concerns, and thanks for the positive response, should be a neat event!

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    • I'm all for cooperation and compromise, though just to clarify, you'll be helping out the wiki with factual and accurate information? - not just turning us into an advertising hub with a bunch of peppy jargon, right?

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    • Hey Dsurian

      While the Fan Studio program definitely aims to promote the new game on your wiki, our team here at Wikia will also be adding the type of articles and blogs I mentioned in the original post. A lot of those will be aimed at attracting gamers to DX:MD, with the additional intent of drawing new users to your wiki. We'll also be promoting these posts via our official channels, which should increase the DX wiki's overall traffic. Since the game isn’t out until 2016 though, a lot of this stuff will be happening over time.

      Given that a lot of the more experienced editors here are already experts in regards to the Deus Ex games, our ComDev team can help with any structural aspects of the wiki that you guys would like to change, if any. That includes visual design elements and more technical stuff like infoboxes, templates, mobile friendliness etc. We're here to help, but we need to know what you'd like help with.

      That said, I’d like to ask you, the admins, and other members of the community for suggestions as to what kind of help you’d like from us with the wiki, and what kind of stuff (game assets, info, etc) you’d hope to get from the DX:MD team. Feel free to reply here, or I can make a Forum post if it’s easier.

      Thanks for your time

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  • Are you a god? 😐.If you are can aI become your servant?😌.

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  • I would like to propose the {{TOC limit}} template for this wiki. It can be used to limit the TOC depth on long pages with many subheadings, without having to reformat subheadings as text. Please see the template description on Wikipedia for more info.

    For the template to work, it needs adding the following to the wiki CSS:

    .toclimit-2 .toclevel-2,
    .toclimit-3 .toclevel-3,
    .toclimit-4 .toclevel-4,
    .toclimit-5 .toclevel-5,
    .toclimit-6 .toclevel-6,
    .toclimit-7 .toclevel-7 { display: none; }

    As far as I understand, you can edit this wiki's CSS. If you agree that TOC limiting can be useful, could you please update the CSS to include the above code?


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  • It turns out that editing this sites navbar (i.e. the forced white one with the big "Wikia" logo) is actually a violation of the Terms of Use of Wikia. I think it's best that you undo it; although you are allowed to edit your personal CSS/Javascript - just not the wiki-wide one.

    From the Terms of Use (under User Conduct): "Not to intentionally block, remove, or otherwise obstruct the proper functioning and view of advertisements, and/or user interface and functionality by other users, including but not limited to changing or adding javascript or CSS changes to the Service that would prevent the proper display or function of advertisements and/or user interface and functionality"

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    • The navbar doesn't currently obstruct the functioning or view of advertisements. And considering I've contacted Wikia staff a few times and linked them to this wiki... The things I've talked to them about requiring them to actually visit the wiki, I'm not worried about it.

      Listen, you were given bureaucrat status by an ex-bureaucrat that expressed that he was not interested in this wiki anymore. You were not voted into your current position but I get the feeling that you believe that you single-handedly run this wiki. 

      Like the same thing you say to me when I have a problem with something you're doing: you're welcome to create a thread and let the visitors of this wiki vote about it.

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    • ((I realise that this is very long, but I would really appreciate if you could read it and respond when you get the chance))

      I was more referring to the "user interface and functionality" part (i.e. the dropdown menu from the Wikia logo and the 'Start a wikia' button are now missing). I personally prefer your navbar as I stated in your blogpost about it a while back, but forgive me for genuinely thinking that this was in violation of the Terms of Use. I wasn't pointing it out because I decided I didn't want it like that any longer - like I said I actually like it. Now that you point out that Wikia staff have seen it and clearly didn't have a problem with it, I'm not really worried about it either. I don't intend to push the issue any further so I won't make a blog post. 

      This wasn't me thinking that I'm in charge of the wiki. This was me worried that our wiki had done something that was at odds with what users are allowed to do under the Terms of Use. I would never demand that someone do something purely based on the fact that I'm an admin/bureaucrat - I'm a firm believer that these rights don't give my opinion any additional weight whatsoever. I know that being a bureaucrat  or admin is not some position of power that allows that person to basically 'rule' the wiki, and I don't think I've done anything that suggested that I thought this was the case. This wasn't why I requested adminship either. I was and am aware that being an admin is about using your additional rights to benefit the wiki and to serve the community, and I've been doing my best to utilize these rights to make that happen.

      I think this conversation had to be had eventually because I've been getting the impression that you have some sort of problem with me. It seems that you have a problem that I became a bureaucrat - I realise that I wasn't voted into that position but since there are only 2 active 'crats I didn't think this was an issue. Obviously it is to you so we can have some sort of vote on it if you would like, and I can remove my 'crat status if necessary. I don't believe anything along the lines of "[I] single-handedly run this wiki" and I don't know where you got that impression. Actually I'm still a bit bothered about your comments about the images I've uploaded. From how you phrased some of your comments, particularly "I must really insist that you limit the pictures you're uploading to the articles", I got the sense that you think your opinion alone warrants action being taken on an issue. I realise that later in that post you suggested that we have a vote if I didn't agree; but I still think that "insisting" a person do something (even if you semi retract that later) based on the fact that you personally have a problem with it is far more indicative that you think you "run" the wiki. Even if both of us happened to agree on that topic, I still think we should have had a vote. Like I said above, just because we're admins/'crats, its not up to us to make a big change like that on the wiki without consulting the community.

      Other comments from you such as suggesting some of my contributions were "spammy" and basically stating your opinion as fact (i.e. the logo's I was uploading didn't "constitute any particularly useful information or does not represent something that a reader might be interested in seeing") have really bothered me because I'm making an effort to add what I feel is useful content and these comments do nothing but belittle my contribs in my view. On most of these occasions, these comments were made before you asked for my point of view (if you even asked for it at all) which I don't really think is fair or polite. I doubt you intended to cause such a reaction but I can't help but feel that way. I'm starting to get paranoid that the things I'm contributing are going to bother you (the latest being the Lore category which I get the impression you had already decided was a category without any "explanatory power" before you even asked me about it). I really want to be comfortable in making contributions to the wiki without worrying about it making someone else unhappy. Is what I've been contributing harming the wiki, and do you genuinely want me to stop adding some of the content that I've been adding? Until I understand your stance on this I'm still going to a feel paranoid and I think it's obvious that that is an undesirable way to be. I don't have a problem explaining my reasoning behind doing something (I should have a reason to back my actions up and if I don't, I probably shouldn't have done it) but I don't really appreciate assumptions/requests being made about the things I do/add without me being given an opportunity to explain myself beforehand. For example, if I went to the effort of uploading a certain image, then I more than likely thought it was worthwhile to be put on the wiki. Surely it would be polite to first ask why I thought this was the case before assuming it objectively wasn't necessary to have the image? I'd like to point out my message about the infoboxes a few weeks back where I asked you why you'd reverted edits I'd made to it. Even though originally I prefered my version of the infobox, I didn't ask you to revert it back before I asked for your perspective. You then replied with your point of view and I completely understood where you were coming from and even agreed with you. I feel like this is a good example of how discourse should be carried out on the wiki.

      I'm just trying my best to improve the wiki ResistanZ, and I really regret that there seems to be hard feelings between us. I think the wikia can benefit from us being on good terms with each other which includes being able to voice our opinions about eachothers edits without it sounding like we're being demanding/belittling etc. If there is anything in addition to what you've said already that you have a problem with, I think this is the best opportunity to discuss it. I would really like some sort of resolution to this so that we no longer have any of these sort of 'arguments'. Thanks for reading this.

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    • If I'm being honest with myself and with you, that is the truth. I've become bitter since the beginning because any say I've had in the matter was nullified when Kain took it upon himself to give you bureaucrat status. I have respect for the man, but the decision was made without anyones approval.

      The problems I have with the images is twofold. Firstly, my idea of a perfect wiki is one where the articles are neat and concise, with pictures scattered throughout the article in the appropriate places, not contained in a huge collection at the bottom of the article. And you're right that this existed even before you came a contributor on this wiki, but I guess it started bothering me when I noticed the galleries of articles getting longer and longer.

      Secondly, I felt like the large addition of edits at once was an attempt to earn points / trophies. Like with the logos, some of them already existed and uploading multiple versions with minor variations doesn't seem to me like it's really giving help do anything. Same goes for pictures of each area for a particular map. I feel like if the reader was interested enough in knowing the intricacies of a location, they would just play the game. And again, that's the same sense I got with the Lore category. It seemed like an attempt to get achievement points without really relaying any real information.

      Ultimately, an equal of mine, who had been inactive, made a decision which I had no say in, and now I have to share the running of the wiki with a person who's changing the wiki in a way I disagree with. 

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    • I'm glad that you were honest about it because I suspected there was something unsaid that you still had a problem with. 

      I agree that it wasn't his place to simply grant me bureaucrat rights. I didn't realise that you had such a problem with it at the time and if you have been taking out any of that bitterness on me in how you interact with me, I really think you ought to have talked to me about it. I would have understood and we could have come to some sort of resolution. 

      I appreciate that you have certain opinions about things and obviously I don't expect you to ignore edits I make if they are at odds with those opinions. At the end of the day, since there are only two of us involved in a lot of these discussions it's not possible to reach a consensus. If we want to come to an agreement, other peoples opinions are going to need to come into play. 

      I don't understand how making a large amount of edits at once is me trying to get trophies. Often, I decide to take on a certain task and make multiple edits related to that task in succession. For example, I might play, say, Deus Ex: The Fall, take screenshots and then upload them at once because I have the time to do so and there isn't a point having them just sit there on my hard drive. Most of the logos didn't exist already though and I personally thought they would be worth adding to the wiki judging by what I saw on other wikis (for example Half-Life wiki has around 40 variations on the Aperture Science logo - that is admittedly excessive but I added nowhere near that many). Maybe that assumption shouldn't have been made about this wiki and since you disagreed with it, I did cut down on the number of logo's. I'm not sure about the location images though; particularly when it comes to an old game like Deus Ex or a frustrating game (at least on PC) like The Fall. I think it's really useful to have screenshots of the various areas - both for users who might want to find out about these games who haven't, don't want to or even can't play them, and for users who have played them but might want to reference an image or simply enjoy looking at them (this is the case for me even if I've already played the game). Well you picked up my intent with the lore category the wrong way. I can point you towards three wiki's that I've used in the past: Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls and Dishonored that all feature a lore category similar to the one I introduced. I mentioned before in the image thread that lore is a big reason for me being on the wiki. When I first began using this wiki as a reference on info about the game series, one of the first things I went looking for was a lore category like the ones above so I could find all of the info that was most relevant to me. I didn't find one though and that's why I thought the wiki could do with having all of those articles in one place.

      Do you really think that I'd spend hours of my time contributing to this wiki for the trophies? What do they achieve apart from being an incentive for new editors to make plenty of contributions? If there was a way to exclude myself from getting any more of those badges I'd be happy to do it because I'm obviously going to get them more frequently than others since I'm one of the only active contributors here. I don't know what else to say to convince you that earning badges is not my reasoning behind making these edits but I want to be clear that it isn't. 

      I hope that is enough for you to see where I'm coming from. Despite what you might suspect I don't have a hidden agenda with regards the wiki and my contributions to it. If you are too, I am willing to put this behind us while having the appropriate discussions with the wider community about currently unresolved issues.

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  • Hey,

    I was just wondering why you reverted the edits I made to the weapons infobox to what they were originially? The reason I felt it needed to be changed in the first place was becaused, in my opinion, that brown color clashes with the wiki. I also personally find the "glowing" title to be more difficult to read than normal text.  

    I'm trying to make consistent navboxes and infoboxes across the wiki so that's why I changed it to gray (like the weapons navbox). 

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    • I didn't revert them, I manually edited them. I didn't check the history beforehand. I was having problems where some DX3 weapon infoboxes had black backgrounds and others had gray backgrounds. I just edited them to reflect the ones for The Fall, which are all consistently black background.

      Actually to tell you the truth, I feel like that there's too much gray in the articles as it is. If you notice our front page, the dark brown and black seem to go well together, whereas light gray on dark gray makes the article looks bland. It might have to go up as a poll because now that you mention it, I feel like the navboxes should be changed to dark brown and black, to make them stand out apart from the article text.

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    • Oh right, makes sense. Actually, I noticed that Wikia was taking its time in showing updated templates on other pages too. It must have been slow updating all the DXHR weapons pages. I was eventually going to change them all to be the same but didn't get around to it yet :P

      Yeah you're right about there being too much gray, although I have to admit I'm still not a fan of that particular shade of brown though, haha. If I can't find any better suited shade I'll leave it the way it is but do you mind if I test out some other browns? The black looks quite good too.

      I have a question about the navboxes. I'm not really happy with the Navbox template we're using at the moment (click the 'collapse' feature and you'll notice it goes really weird). It'd be nice to have the option to have multiple group headings like on Wikipedia and to have a functioning autocollapse when 2 or more navboxes appear on a page. Also you might have noticed that we have to put in right padding for lists or the lists don't fill the whole box; this is because I wanted to make the group title section bigger but it messed other things up when I did that. I tried copying code from other wiki's that had these implemented well but none of them worked properly. Unfortunately I don't have the knowledge of HTML to figure out how to do it - I was wondering if you do?

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    • Of course I don't mind if you test out other shades. We'll decide after we have a couple to choose from or if we disagree, it can always be voted on.

      As for the subgroup headings, it shouldn't be too difficult to figure out. I don't really know HTML but if Wikia supports it then there'll be documentation on it somewhere on the interwebs. 

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    • Yeah cool, that should work. 

      Okay well if you get anywhere with it, let me know! I'll try looking up some stuff about it too. 

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  • I didn't feel like signing in to add the comment, but realize I probably should have. Thank you for the message on the message wall for my static IP, though. Maybe I'll stick around some more because while I've already played through Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I'm currently playing through director's cut. Just the same, thank you for the welcome. (╹◡╹)

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  • I'm wondering why you deleted the category: Deus Ex: Human Revolution organisations from the site. I was actually recently looking at that for reference and then a day later I go back and (whaaaa??) it's gone? I was really finding this info useful, but now I just have an empty space in my heart and in my written work.  : (

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  • Sorry for pestering you again, but I'm curious about how you've managed to edit articles so quickly. It seems as though you aren't replacing MJ-12, for example, manually but somehow all instances of the word at once. Is that correct? (If it isn't then you're editing pages impressively quickly!)

    I assume that this is related to your adminship and that brings me on to this next question. I was wondering if I could recieve administrator rights, if you thought it was appropriate? (since you're the only online bureaucrat, I didn't see the value in making a blog post about it.)

    The reason I would like to have admin rights is due to the fact that I've noticed vandalism and pages that require deletion etc. that I didn't have the power to do anything about. Obviously this was a lot more of a problem before you returned to the wiki but it means I'll be sending you requests a lot when it might be easier to fix it myself. With regards my contributions to the wiki, I've put a fair amount of work into cleaning up certain categories such as "Deus Ex computers and terminals" and the "Deus Ex books, magazines and newspapers". I've added almost 200 images to articles and have begun to add the transcipt of books from Invisible War and e-mails from Human Revolution.

    It's up to you to decide if the wiki needs another online admin but I would be fully up for the task if you think it could benefit from one. Thanks for reading my request :)

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    • Certainly wasn't, since I haven't seen that thread.

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    • User_blog:ResistanZ/About_the_DEUS_EX_WIKI_Bureaucrats Your input would be appreciated, even if you disagree with the idea.

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