Sergeant Michael Berry is a UNATCO trooper in 2052. He can be seen only in the UNATCO HQ. He is always armed with an assault rifle.


Berry is a smart thinker (as seen when he talks to Corporal Collins) and has a very warm attitude towards JC Denton.

JC Denton meets Berry shortly after entering UNATCO HQ, as JC wanders around on Level 1. Later, Berry can be seen in the break room after JC destroys the NSF Generator. The next time Berry is seen talking to Corporal Collins about the Ambrosia situation, looking at it philosophically. Berry's whereabouts when JC escapes from the Majestic 12 facility is unknown.

When JC finally sees Paul again in Hong Kong, Paul mentions that many of the veteran staff have been dismissed, including Berry and Kaplan.

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