There is an unlocked computer in the second-floor apartment opposite Lekarna Pharmacy in Northern Prague. The computer belongs to Michal Raine, the nephew of Lekarna Pharmacy's vendor.


what a shitholeEdit

From: Ihor Kutasj
To: Michal Raine

Mik - you were right! I think this landlord and yours must be cousins or something. I took the place, of course. He knew I had no choice but there's not even a shower in this dump! I asked him how I was supposed to wash myself. "You have sink," he said. Asshole./

Urgent Please read!Edit

From: Sally Alexandrova
To: Michal Raine

I'm at the Astra place and there are some angry-looking Antis outside who look like trouble.
It might be nothing, but I think people around here are starting to get angry about what we're doing.
I know you're starting work soon but can you come and make sure everythingssicIcon sic OK? Thanks (and sorry) xxx

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