Michelle Walthers is an elderly woman in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. She is involved in the Acquaintances Forgotten sidequest.


Not much is known about Michelle Walthers' past, other than the fact that she was employed at White Helix Labs as part of the nursing staff, the place where the fire started that killed Adam Jensen's parents. Here, she took Adam from his crib, claiming all the other babies had already been saved.

Sometime later, Adam was adopted by Arthur and Margie Jensen, and Adam never knew about this incident until he read e-mails with information that Brent Radford, a private investigator, dug up for David Sarif as part of background check on Jensen. Prior to reading these, Jensen thought his adoptive parents were his birth ones.


Ms. Walthers, possibly suffering from dementia, mistakes Adam for a "Rolling Meals" delivery man, claiming that he is too old to be Jensen. Without her knowledge, he slowly gets her to reveal little parts about his past, eventually revealing his parents actually started the fire to protect Adam from the Illuminati. She is unsure whether or not his "real parents" were his real parents at all, however, and tells Adam that there had been some kind of gene therapy happening at the labs. He was special, one of a kind, since he was the only one who survived what they did to him. When they overheard that the Illuminati wanted to use Adam to inoculate the next batch of infants, his parents started the fire that resulted in their deaths and White Helix labs' destruction.

After revealing this, she will ask him if he could bring her dinner and leave. Since Jensen is inclined to leave, she will give him 200 Credit symbol, asking him to buy Adam a present for his missed birthdays and Christmas. As Adam leaves, he asks Pritchard to assign a temporary security detail to her apartment, until he can work out a more permanent solution to keep her safe.


  • Using your social enhancer on her will reveal a little more of your past; her personality type is Beta.

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