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Microfibral Muscle

Microfibral Muscle is an arms slot augmentation in Deus Ex. It is a nanotechnological augmentation that allows JC Denton to lift or push objects that are normally too heavy for him to do so.

This augmentation is installed from the augmentation canister that also includes Combat Strength. Since there is only one arms slot and only one copy of the canister, Combat Strength and Microfibral Muscle are mutually exclusive options.


Muscle strength is amplified with ionic polymeric gel myofibrils that allow the agent to push and lift extraordinarily heavy objects.

  • TECH ONE: Strength is increased slightly.
  • TECH TWO: Strength is increased moderately.
  • TECH THREE: Strength is increased significantly.
  • TECH FOUR: An agent is inhumanly strong.


Microfibral Muscle is an active augmentation that consumes 20 units of bioelectric energy per minute.

When activated, this augmentation increases the player's "max lift" attribute, which is the maximum mass of objects, such as metal crates, that the player can lift.[1] The maximum mass of an object that can be pushed is the max lift plus 50. Moving heavy objects can provide access to previously unreachable locations. For example, moving a crate can reveal a new passage, or a crate can be positioned at a certain location to provide access to a new height.

Tier Max Lift Max Push Available Interactions
Small metal crate
(mass: 50)
Medium metal crate
(mass: 100)
Large metal crate
(mass: 150)
(Not activated) 50 100 Push / Lift Push
Tech 1 100 150 Push / Lift Push / Lift Push
Tech 2 150 200 Push / Lift Push / Lift Push / Lift
Tech 3 200 250 Push / Lift Push / Lift Push / Lift
Tech 4 250 300 Push / Lift Push / Lift Push / Lift

As shown above, without the augmentation, the player can lift the small metal crate and push (but not lift) the medium metal crate. At tech 1, the player can lift the medium metal crate and push (but not lift) the large metal crate. At tech 2 and above, the player can lift the large metal crate.

With a mass of 150, the large metal crate is generally considered to be the heaviest object for which pushing or lifting is practically useful. Other common objects that require at least tech 1 to unlock either a lifting or pushing interaction include standard explosive/non-explosive barrels (mass: 80), concrete barricades (mass: 200), and burning barrels (mass: 260).

Only objects with the "pushable" attribute can be lifted or pushed. Objects without this property cannot be pushed, irrespective of their mass attribute.[2]

Canister locations[]


  1. DeusExPlayer.CanBeLifted() in DeusEx.u. Only augLevel variable (and not the LevelValues in AugMuscle) affects maxLift.
  2. Internally, this property is governed by the bPushable variable of the DeusExDecoration class. See also DeusExPlayer.CanBeLifted.