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Mikhail Kontarsky (Cyrillic: Михаил Контарский) is a character in the book Deus Ex: Icarus Effect and the game Deus Ex: The Fall. He is the Administrator of the Russian Committee on Human Augmentation, and a member of the Juggernaut Collective.


Janus, a mysterious ally of Kontarsky asks him to upload information related to the Killing Floor and the Tyrants. Mikhail is in the process of completing this request when he is interrupted by Ben Saxon. Saxon has come to assassinate him on the orders of Jaron Namir.

The Tyrants had told Saxon that Kontarsky is the one responsible for the failure of Operation Rainbird and the subsequent death of all Strike Team Six members, bar Saxon. Saxon, fueled by a desire for revenge, agrees to kill Mikhail. When Saxon confronts Kontarsky, Kontarsky insists that he is innocent and knows nothing about Operation Rainbird. Kontarsky's claim is backed up by Janus, who, appearing on a computer screen, attempts to persuade Saxon to rethink his affiliation to the Tyrants.

Saxon senses that Kontarsky is telling the truth, and hesitates for the kill. However, Kontarsky is momentarily shot dead by Tyrants member Scott Hardesty from a sniper position, on the order of Namir.


  • In the novel Deus Ex: Icarus Effect, Kontarsky is shot dead by Scott Hardesty via a sniper rifle. The game Deus Ex: The Fall portrays the assassination of Kontarsky as a later recount of the events by Ben Saxon. In The Fall, Ben Saxon can choose to kill Kontarsky or instead spare him. If Saxon spares Kontarsky, Scott Hardesty will shoot Kontarsky him via a sniper rifle.

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