Milena Epstein's computer is a computer that appears in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is used by Milena Epstein and is located on her desk inside the Koníčky & Hračky toy factory in Prague. It can be accessed only after completing the side mission The Golden Ticket.

The computer is unlocked and contains e-mails from Drahomír Koníčky that give insight into their permit forgery operations.

E-mails (Koníčky & Hračky)Edit


From: Drahomir KonickysicIcon sic
To: Milena Epstein

I know you tried to sneak out last night, Milena. And I know you've been trying to send out emails. I did not inherit my mother's toy factory in order to be made a fool of.

This is a friendly reminder that I am monitoring you all the time. I know where you go. I know who you write to. I own you, Milena Epstein. There is nowhere you can go that I can't follow. No one you can complain to who I can't buy.

Do not forget it.

New OrderEdit

From: Drahomir KonickysicIcon sic
To: Milena Epstein

We need a new Augmentation Authentication Card.

Name: Edward Brod
Identification number: Who cares.
Expiration Date: Just put something.
Aug. Class: Make it D.
Authorisation Serial Number: Something authentic, but not too authentic. We need him to need us again.

New OrderEdit

From: Drahomir KonickysicIcon sic
To: Milena Epstein

Need another Augmentation Authentication Card. This crazy girl thinks she's two people - and each one of them is willing to pay! God bless her.

Name: Irenka Bauer
Identification number: You know what to do.
Aug Class: Make it D.
Expiration Date: blablabla

Seriously, Milena, stop wasting time trying to make them look authentic. I just need something I can sell.

E-mails (sewers) Edit

During the third visit to Prague (martial law), Milena and her computer may appear in the room in the sewers where the side mission K is for Každý begins. Her computer will be unlocked and will contain one email.

AugNoMore - Get Back to NormalEdit


Are you tired of being spit on when you walk the streets?
Have you had enough of cops beating on you for no apparent reason?
Can't stand lugging around that machinery day after day?

Come to us! For a low, low price, we'll help you get rid of your unwanted augmentations!

Prosthetic arms? You bet!
Prosthetic leg? No problem!
We'll even take a shot at removing any extraneous cranial enhancements! That's how dedicated we are to your comfort.
Come see us at Aug No More and we'll make sure you leave just a little lighter than when you walked in!

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