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Miloš Awadalla's computer can be found in his second floor apartment near Sobchak Security and has a security rating of 3.


Medical Leave[]

From: D.Basista@pcr.le
To: Milos.Awadalla@tmail.mail; L.Dobert@pcr.le

Officer Awadalla,

This communication is to confirm that, following the events at Ruzickasicsic, you have been temporarily removed from active duty, effective immediately. Please do not return to work until given further official instruction to that effect by me or Captain Dobert.

I will be in touch soon with a schedule of therapy appointments. Please adhere to it as each session is vital to your recovery. Once you have completed these sessions in full, you will have the chance to be reinstated on a “temporarily active” basis for a period of no less than six months while we continue to monitor your progress. If everything is well after this period you will be reinstated to full active duty.

In the meantime, Officer Awadalla, I implore you to get some rest. Feel free to contact me if you are feeling anxious or nervous, have trouble sleeping or just need someone to talk to. We are all here to help you succeed.

Daniel Basista, PsyD
Prague State Police

RE: That Aug from Ruzicka[]

The following email appears on the second visit to Prague and provides background information for the Mystery Stalker point of interest.

From: C.Hajny@pcr.le
To: Milos.Awadalla@tmail.mail


Believe me when I say I’m here for you, okay? I know what happened at Ruzickasicsic was awful, losing Viggo, seeing all those people die, and I know you got a lot of feelings about it. They call it “survivors’ guilt". But you need to be careful right now. Trust Captain Dobert and the Doc, they're looking out for you. You gotta let this go if you're gonna get better. Just promise me you won’t do anything stupid, okay? Feel better.


From: MilosAwadalla@tmail.mail
To: C.Hajny@pcr.le
Subject: That Aug from Ruzicka

Clara I’ve pulled together loads of lntel and got a pretty good looking investigation board going here at my apartment. You should come over and see it! Looks like the one in the squad room. Anyway I’m positive I found that Aug terrorist from the train station that I told you about. Same jacket, same glasses. Same everything. I can’t ring the bell with Dobert cuz he’ll just sick that buzerant[note 1] fucking doctor on my ass, say it’s the PTSD fucking with me. But I know it’s not. I know what I saw. I’m gonna do it myself and go after the guy on the quiet.



  1. The word buzerant is an obscenity in Czech.