The Mine Template, or Mark 87 Tactical Munition Mine Template (TMMT), is an item in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The TMMT may be combined with any grenade type to create deployable mines that can be attached to any surface.

The mine is sensitive to vibrations from approaching targets and active within seconds of deployment. However, a mine may be safely approached by crouching and walking to it, and subsequently disarmed using the interaction key. Once this is done, you may collect the mine for use elsewhere.

In-game DescriptionEdit

Use: Combine with a grenade to create a mine of the same type.

Activation: Combine both the grenade and the mine template within the inventory.

Description: The Mark 87 TMMT is a user-deployed, battlefield-configurable, multifunction land mine for use in anti-personnel, anti-material or distraction operations. It can be combined with any standard grenade type (fragmentation, EMP, concussion, or gas) to create a situation-specific, static munition. To activate it, the operator must combine the Template base module with any standard grenade type before deploying it to a target location. Once initiated, the mine's built-in vibrational and atmospheric sensors will trigger a fused detonation on the approach of any threat vector.

Manufacturer: Steiner-Bisley GmbH.


  • Mine templates do not stack, however a mine template combined with a grenade do stack.
  • Mines are more space-efficient than grenades if you have multiples of three of the same type. You can stack three mines of the same type in a 2×1 rectangle, but three grenades requires 3 1×1 spaces since grenades do not stack at all.
  • Mines do not have an FoF component and will detonate because of your motion as well as the enemy.
  • The technology of the Mine Template might be the in-universe explanation for the ability of grenades in earlier games (later chronologically) to be mounted to surfaces.  


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