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Mods is a term applied to unofficial game modifications made by the general public. They can be entirely new games in themselves or add some new features. They generally include new items, weapons, characters, enemies, models, textures, levels, story and musics. They can be single-player or multiplayer.

Deus Ex[]

Main article: Mods (DX)

Deus Ex: Invisible War[]

  • Visible Upgrade - Provides support for widescreen monitors and different resolutions.
  • Unified Texture Pack - Updated character graphics, included in Visible Upgrade. To install separately from the Visible Upgrade mod, download from Game Watcher
  • Hardcore - Increases the game's difficulty. This mod works by modifying the Default.ini file
  • Invisible HUD - Removes most HUD elements. This is done by changing the DX2UI.ini file.
  • ReShade Ex - ReShade mod for Deus Ex Invisible War.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut[]

Gameplay Mods[]

Many of the gameplay changing mods require the mod-hook made by Gibbed. If it's not included with a mod that needs it, it can be downloaded separately from Github. Download the dxhrdc_modhook zip file.

  • Hardcore Revival - Tweaks the game primarily to make it harder. Different versions can be found that contain only part of the changes.
  • Burger Debug Menu - Adds a debug menu, map selection menu, and inventory stacking rework. All three are separate, so it is possible to only install one or two components.
  • Faithful Inventory - Increases the amount items the inventory. Designed to allow for more items to be stacked, while not making too drastic of a difference.
  • Hardcore Revived - Increases the difficulty by disabling the radar and increasing augmentation and item costs. Partial versions exist that only make some of the changes.
  • Augmentations & Radar Cost - Increases the difficulty by requiring the radar to be unlocked and increasing its prices.
  • Toggle HUD - A mod based on 3DMigoto that allows the HUD to be toggled at will. Default toggle key is Caps Lock, but can be changed in the ini file.
  • Startup Crash Fix - Fixes a crash that sometimes occurs on systems with high CPU core counts. This works by removing the AllowJobStealing registry key found in HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Eidos/Deus Ex: HRDC
  • DXHR Augmented - WIP mod that currently changed inventory stacking.
  • DXHR Takedown Input Switch - Makes non-lethal takedowns require the takedown key to be held, while lethal takedowns only require it to be pressed. Intended to give an incentive lethal takedowns.
  • Edit Force Skip Cutscene and Optionally Bypass Hacking (Obsolete, use DXHR Exe Patcher instead) - Includes two versions. Both versions allow skipping of cutscenes that can't normally be skipped (like the walk in the beginning with Megan Reed), and one version bypasses hacking by making any keycode or password entry correct.
  • DXHR Exe Patcher - A tool that allows easy tweaking of the game. These are: allowing every cutscene to be skipped, making all keycode entries correct, stopping most of the game's telemetry, adding a high core count CPU patch, and increasing the max FOV option. Each option is independent, so any number of them can be enabled. For users interested in still using the Gibbed mod-hook, a compatible version can be found here.
  • AI 2x Upscale - Upscales many of the game's textures using an AI model.

ENB and ReShade Mods[]

Deus Ex: The Fall[]

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided[]

Gameplay Mods[]

A number of these mods edit the Game.layer.1.all.archive and are therefore incompatible with each other.

  • Hardcore Revival - Alters augmentations, items, and XP to make the game harder. Edits Game.layer.1.all.archive
  • Inventory Mod (Currently Bugged, use Inventory Stacking instead) - Allows all items to be stacked and decreases the size of some items. Edits Game.layer.1.all.archive
  • Inventory Stacking - Allows all items to be stacked without changing the size of items. Edits Game.layer.1.all.archive
  • MDSuen (Debug Menu for Deus Ex Mankind Divided recommended instead) - Unlocks a debug and cheat menu. The project can be found on Gitlab.
  • Debug Menu for Deus Ex Mankind Divided - Enables a debug menu, a map selector, and an options to skip cutscenes that normally can't be skipped (like the walk with Alex Vega).
  • Turkish Language Translation - Allows the usage of Turkish localization. Uses a modular framework that could allow for other new localization files in the future.
  • Deus Ex Mankind Divided - Tweaks - Makes the game easier by decreasing crafting costs, decreasing Praxis Kit costs, increasing XP gain, and making certain augmentations more powerful. Edits Game.layer.1.all.archive
  • DXMD Archive File Editor Tool - A graphical tool that allows easy customization of the Game.layer.1.all.archive File. This tool makes applying the hex-edits discovered by community member Grognougnou easier. The tool is written in Java, and the source code is included in the .jar file.

Graphics Mods (ENB and ReShade)[]