Moon Base Omega

A render of Moon Base Omega.

Moon Base Omega is a lunar base near the crater Clavius[1], which itself is near the Moon's South Pole. Omega is clandestinely operated by the Illuminati. It is presented as a scientific research endeavour by the media. However, information released to the public about the moon base is questionable at best.

In 2027, there are plans for Moon Base Omega to be expanded. According to Picus TV, the expansion does not go ahead due to doubts by its investors about the value of Omega's studies.[2] Despite this, a website releases images of Moon Base Omega with the expansion underway, but these pictures are said to be a hoax.[3] Due to the Illuminati's involvement with this project, it is uncertain if the images truly are a hoax or if the truth is being hidden from the public. The latter possibility is reinforced by the fact that a Hyron computer is being used to monitor Omega.[4] The Hyron Project has not been revealed to the public likely due to the unethical research undertaken to develop it. Thus the public is also not aware of the Hyron computer located on the moon base. This suggests that more is going on on Omega than is immediately obvious. In addition, pictures of Moon Base Omega are seen being processed and edited at Picus Communications, indicating that the structure may serve a different purpose than the one presented in the news.

In 2029, further plans for the expansion of the base were put on hold, as several financial backers were forced to pull out due their involvment in a security fraud investigation. A small colony is still being planned near Clavius.[5]

Trivia Edit

  • The name may be a reference to Moonbase Alpha, a lunar base simulation game.
  • In a hologram found in the Rifleman Bank Station, Omega's Hyron computer is labeled with the number 13. This implies that it is the 13th one that has been constructed.
  • According to the Deus Ex Bible, a lunar base mission was planned for Deus Ex (2000), where JC Denton would take down the artificial-intelligence named Ada. However due to time constraints and fears the general plot would be too convoluted, it was scrapped. [6]



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