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For the equivalent item in other games, see Multitool.
A multi-tool in Mankind Divided.

The P-JAK Multi-Tool is an item in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided that allows you to automatically hack any computer or keypad. This can be done regardless of the security level of the lock, or if you have upgraded Hacking Capture.


Multi-tools are manufactured by the company Sea-Tec, and are described as "portable multi-use anti-security hacking devices." They work by emitting a directed burst of microwaves at the locked console or keypad, that neutralizes most conventional locking systems.


Multi-tools are single-use, and are consumed after unlocking a device. When used, a timer will count from 0 to 100 at which point the device will be unlocked. The speed that this timer goes at varies depending on the type of lock (but not the security level). Keypads take less time to unlock than consoles.

Using a Multi-tool is a good way to unlock devices that are in the field of vision of guards or police officers, such as locked doors in the Palisade Property Bank's lobby or storage lockers around Prague. Unlike hacking the locked device, using a multi-tool will not turn guards hostile, and the breach can be interrupted at will without being counted as a failed hack. Jensen can also move and look freely while using a multi-tool, allowing him to spot and maneuver around hostiles while still maintaining the hack. This makes them extraordinarily useful, even for players with maxed-out hacking skills, and helps decrease the risk of being shot while hacking in a tense situation.

Multi-tools can also be crafted using 120 Crafting Parts. They are also sold by Costache, Entity, and Nada Birak.


  • Marchenko's Kill Switch and the Signal Jammer have the Sea-Tec logo and resemble multi-tools.
  • Despite the concept art portraying the multi-tools as devices using biocells, and the in-game model possessing a slot for them, the cells are not required for the multi-tool to function.