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"You know who I am? Go-Five, that's who I am. I'll rip your life open in ten seconds. Zero everything you ever owned!"
— Nadine Stollock to Anna Kelso

Nadine Stollock, also known as Widow, is a character in Deus Ex: Icarus Effect and Deus Ex: The Fall. She is a hacker and information trafficker.


Stollock is a tall, thin woman. She has thumbless "spider-hands" with long fingers, which may be the source of her nickname, Widow.


In 2026, Stollock operates from USS Intrepid, a decommissioned aircraft carrier at Pier 86 in New York City, which is now a black cybermarket and the center of information trade. Stollock claims she's part of Gang of Five, a collective of hackers-for-hire involved in numerous cybertheft activities. However, this cannot be confirmed, because the group members are all anonymous.

In Deus Ex: Icarus Effect, Stollock is hired by Anna Kelso to find information about the assassin who killed Anna's fellow Secret Service agents and the Caidin Global CEO Garrett Dansky whom they were guarding. Stollock does not find much, expect for the group name - Tyrants. Before she can find more, NYPD suddenly raids the USS Intrepid. Stollock blames Kelso for bringing the police on her tail. Either during this raid or at some later time, Stollock is arrested and taken into custody.

In Deus Ex: The Fall, a news report mentions that Stollock and other prisoners escaped custody during a transfer to the Rikers Island jail complex in Queens. When they were being loaded into a security transport, a law enforcement 80-X Boxguard robot open fired on local police. This caused chaos, which the prisoners used to escape. It is speculated that the Boxguard was hacked by Stollock's allies to enable her escape.


  • In unreleased Deus Ex: The Fall content, Stollock is mentioned as having returned to her original base of operation at the USS Intrepid. Kelso suggests Ben Saxon to seek Stollock's assistance in accessing records stored in a local bank.