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Nanoblade melee

Adam Jensen brandishing his nanoblade

The nanoblade,[1] or nano blade,[2] is an implement of the Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis augmentations of Deus Ex series protagonists Adam Jensen and Ben Saxon. Nanoblades have also been referred to as Combat Nano-Ceramic Blades.

The nanoblade is featured in cinematic trailers and is used for the takedown mechanic in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and subsequent games. In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Jensen gains a new experimental augmentation for launching the nanoblade. This launcher augmentation is also called "nanoblade."


Jensen has one on the topside of each of his Cybernetic Arm Prostheses. The blade is extendable and retractable from the arm prosthesis in both forward and reverse directions. Jensen's nanoblades are manufactured by Sarif Industries.

The nanoblade has a monomolecular edge and is deadly against flesh and standard kevlar armor. However, Jensen found the blade to be ineffective for cutting through ceramic-metallic plate armor.[3]

Vadim Orlov developed an experimental improvement to the nanoblade augmentation that would allow the nanoblade to be fired like projectiles, and even explode if charged. Orlov's improvement also includes a high-energy molecular assembler to quickly assemble a new blade using silicon-carbide cartridges.[4]


The nanoblade is not directly controllable as a melee weapon, but instead features in the takedown mechanic. During takedowns, the nanoblade is used for the lethal option only. In Mankind Divided, the nanoblade can be launched as a projectile, and can be further upgraded to explode after being launched.

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  • According to The Art of Deus Ex Universe, the nanoblade was given a square-shaped tip and ebony-black color so that it would have an appearance different from the typical appearance of a blade.

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