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Nanotechnology for Stupid People is a book appearing in Deus Ex. It is a publication designed to familiarize the reader with nanotech using basic, easily understandable words and phrases. It can be found in the secret MJ12 base in the sewers of Hell's Kitchen


Nanotechnology for Stupid People(tm)

Feel like a moron because folks sling around words like "Universal Constructor," "gray goo," "mecanocarbons," and "Bucky tubes"? Well, no longer! "Nanotechnology for Stupid People(tm)" will guide you through the small, small world of tiny machines. Why is this important? Why should you care? Imagine a million microscopic robots no bigger than a red blood cell constantly scouring your arteries for plaque and cholesterol... imagine a supercomputer the size of your thumbnail that can record everything you see and hear... imagine buildings that assemble themselves overnight -- well imagine no longer!

The future is here (or will be soon), and it's made of little atoms -- that's right, atoms, the building blocks of all matter in the universe. Nanotechnology simply pushes the little building blocks around to make new, interesting, exciting things. Even now, scientists worldwide are making huge strides in perfecting the Universal Constructor that will make a nanotechnological future possible, but already the benefits are being reaped from their research. You'll learn the history, the inside scoop, the buzz words, and what the future holds -- all inside "Nanotechnology for Stupid People(tm)"!

Stupid People -- When You Don't Have Two Neurons to Rub Together(tm). Check out our other books including the bestselling "Pandemics for Stupid People" and "Cooking Dog for Stupid People."


The 'for Stupid People' series is likely a parody of the real world For Dummies series of books.