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Narhari Kahn is the commander of the Belltower forces in Hengsha in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. In the novella Deus Ex: Fallen Angel, his name is spelled Nahari Khan.


Using ArcAir, a triad-affiliated aviation company, Narhari Kahn supervised a human trafficking operation to haul stasis pods containing kidnapped Isolay scientists from an off-shore smuggling ship. When one of the pilots, Faridah Malik, discovered the truth about the cargo, and witnessed Kahn executing an un-cooperative victim, Kahn had her shot down over Hengsha with drones. Malik survived and escaped China to work for Sarif Industries.

After Yune's death and the subsequent acquisition of his neural hub by Jensen, Kahn was ordered by Lawrence Barrett to tie up loose ends by eliminating their hired hacker, Arie van Bruggen, also known as the Dutchman.

However, Van Bruggen's allies provided him advance warning, and by the time Belltower and Jensen arrived at his apartment in Hengsha Court Gardens, the hacker was long gone. Kahn suspects the Triads of hiding Van Bruggen, and confronts Tong Si Hung, but the mob boss is not forthcoming. Kahn later finds a more complicit witness in the Hung Hua Hotel and learns of Van Bruggen's location at the Alice Garden Pods.

After then receiving permission from Zhao Yun Ru, Kahn personally leads a large platoon of Belltower soldiers to the Pods to look for the hacker, indiscriminately killing a large number of unarmed civilians.

Mission appearances[]


  • Two guards in Tai Yong Medical have a different discussion depending on if Narhari survived the events of the Alice Garden Pods attack. If he lives, it will be a story about him beating up a man in the Hive, if he dies, the two guards are worried about what kind of person would be capable of killing him.
  • He is the character that uses the greatest number of different weapons in the game (besides Jensen). In the Alice Garden Pods, he can be seen executing a civilian with a pistol, but will switch to an assault rifle during gameplay. Then, in Tai Yong Medical Headquarters, he is strangely holding a heavy rifle inside his office. Later, at the Belltower dock, he will be wielding a shotgun.

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