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DXMD Neuropozyne Package

A standard, eight vial package of Neuropozyne.


Neuropozyne stash in an air vent.

Neuropozyne, informally called No-Poz, Nu-Poz or Pozy, is a drug used by the mechanically augmented. It helps prevent neuroprosthesis rejection syndrome, a build-up of scar tissue that blocks electrical signals between augmentation electrodes and human tissue, ultimately resulting in rejection. It was created by Darrow Industries and is now manufactured exclusively by VersaLife.[1]

Medical uses[]

Mechanical augmentations are sophisticated pieces of machinery that require a human-machine interface to function, as designed. The standard design is Darrow Industries' PEDOT-cluster array, where polymer electrodes bridge augs and the host's neurons, acting as a neuroprosthetic junction. PEDOT clusters connect to a biochip, which in turn interfaces with the host's brain directly. Unlike conventional, non-cybernetic implants, the invasive nature of the augmentations causes the body to identify them as a foreign object and triggers an immune response: Glial tissue begins to form around PEDOT clusters, leading to what's best described as nerve scars. The glial tissue buildup eventually shuts the augs down and culminates in an extremely dangerous implant rejection, identified as the Darrow Deficiency Syndrome. Neuropozyne is a drug developed to control the body's rejection response, breaking down glial tissue build-ups and preventing further build up of the tissue until Neuropozyne is metabolized. A standard dose is enough for one week of protection.[2][3]

Neuropozyne is typically delivered through injection, and delivered in 20 ml vials containing 10 000 mcg of the drug. A standard package contains nine vials, securely packed together.[4] Single vials may also be stored and delivered in protective "bottles", and such method of transportation became standard outside clinics and bulk packages by 2029.[5] The actual dose needs to be tailored to each augmented person, depending on their gender and weight class (i.e. amount of augmentations).[6]

In rare cases, augmented humans may exhibit a resistance to Neuropozyne, requiring higher dosage and imposing higher costs.[7] Adam Jensen, a genetically engineered superhuman, was on the other end of the spectrum, as he was modified in utero so that his body would accept augmentation without the need for Neuropozyne.[8]


Neuropozyne was created by Darrow Industries, in order to address the aforementioned rejection syndrome, made more severe in the wake of the PEDOT revolution ushered in around 2010.[9][10] Darrow sold his exclusive patent for Neuropozyne to Bob Page's VersaLife in 2020, which used its monopoly to turn Neuropozyne a multi-billion dollar source of revenue.[11][12] As Neuropozyne was not manufactured using rare chemicals, the monopoly was upheld by strictly monitoring distribution and jealously protecting trade secrets surrounding its synthesis.[3]


Neuropozyne on Picus TV

Neuropozyne shown in a Picus TV teaser for the news story "Augmented Addicts".

Exploiting the fact that augmented humans were reliant on Neuropozyne, VersaLife artificially inflated prices and reduced availability, engineering a shortage of Neuropozyne. VersaLife claimed that this was due to various setbacks it has experienced.[13] During this shortage, a competitor drug known as Riezene emerged. Given that Riezene, like Neuropozyne, was produced by the Illuminati using Zaaphire Biotech as a front, it was most likely artificial.[14] The high price of Neuropozyne drove some people to experiment with Riezene, despite no proof of its safety, while others moved to acquire it by illegal means. Sarif Industries employees Brian Tindall and Tim Carella even stole Neuropozyne from the company's Detroit labs, to distribute it for free to people who could not afford it.[15]

To further increase its role in corraling and limiting augmentation, Neuropozyne remained a controlled substance available via prescription only,[16] and a single dose was effective only for a week, necessitating frequent purchases.[2] Even global pop stars, like Ny'ashia Akim, noted how expensive it was.[17]

Sarif Industries attempted to break VersaLife's stranglehold and usher in a new era of mechanical augmentation thanks to Megan Reed's research, based on Adam Jensen's DNA. Sarif's security chief was hired partially due to his unique genetic makeup. If turned into a gene therapy, could have unlocked access to augmentation for any human beeing at a drastically lower cost and virtually perfect safety, by replacing neuropozyne with adaptive DNA fusing that would make the host accept augmentation like Jenses did. This democratization of augmentation was viewed as a potential danger for the Illuminati, who used anti-augmentation movements such as Humanity Front and Purity First to campaign for tight regulation and banning of augmentation.[18] Facing a real risk of Sarif succeeding, the Illuminati decided to forgo soft power in favor of hard: The Tyrants were sent to attack Sarif Industries and abduct Reed and her team, on the eve of the historic hearings. The plan largely succeeded, and VersaLife maintained its position and revenue.[19]


Neuropozyne (DXMD)

A bottle of Neuropozyne in 2029.

The Aug Incident triggered by Darrow had more lasting consequences, destroying the momentum behind human augmentation and controlled evolution, and played right into the plans of the Illuminati. After the closure of LIMB clinics, Neuropozyne became strictly rationed and even more expensive, driving even greater profits to Page's VersaLife. By 2029, access was so restricted that poorer augs had to rely on free clinics and charitable services of the Augmented Rights Coalition or black market sources.[20] Some fixers even refused to trade in anything but vials of neuropozyne, with surplus vials purchased by dealers at prices starting with 1000 credits per.[21]

In places such as Útulek Complex, where the augmented are sent to live in isolation, the police force has control of the Neuropozyne supply, and thus of the people that live there. Such degree of control inevitably leads to tension and social unrest: During a hostage situation in Dresden, Germany, one of the demands made by the augmented terrorists responsible was for a generic form of Neuropozyne to be produced. This would result in the drug becoming much cheaper as VersaLife would no longer hold a monopoly over it. However the situation is resolved without the demand being met.[22]

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided[]

In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Neuropozyne is a collectible item that can be:

  • sold to merchants for 1000 credits,
  • given to other characters in exchange for information or to help them deal with the Neuropozyne withdrawal.


Character Count Reward / Comments
Kazatel 9 in total (3 on each visit to Prague) 6 Points of Interest in total (2 on each visit), and 3 keycodes/passwords in total (1 on each visit)
Teresa Petrauskas (bartender at Svobody Beer) 1 Code (1015) to the basement, where there is a stash of loot behind a hidden wall. Also an offer of 3 hypostims, 5 shotgun EMP ammo, and 100 crafting parts for 350 credits.
Aurelius Milkovich (vendor at Sobchak Security) 1 Access to the shop's basement that contains various loot.
Golem City
Dr. Martine Onziema 1 Some information on Talos Rucker, plus a storage locker code (you will need to ask for it though).
Irenka Bauer and/or Edward Brod 1 or 2 Depending on how you handled the side mission The Golden Ticket, you will meet the person whose permit you did not validate, or both of them if you failed both permits. Each will ask if you have any Neuropozyne to spare.


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Prague - Southern Part (Překážka)

  • 1 in apt. 23 (Teresa Petrauskas's apartment) at Zelen Apartments, in a level 3 safe (code 9002) behind the fridge. You will need the "move heavy objects" aug.
  • 1 in apt. 31 (Daria Myška's apartment) at Zelen Apartments, in the bathroom sink cabinet.
  • 2 in Václav Koller's underground clinic, on a bookshelf near his computer desk and another near medical chair.
  • 2 in a building immediately to the east of the Time Machine (the storefront of Václav Koller's clinic). Access the building by turning left at the main entrance to the Time Machine, and then break a weakened wall section.
  • 1 in a safe located in the southeast section of the courtyard near the police checkpoint.
  • 1 behind a breakable wall in the southeast section of the courtyard near the police checkpoint. Drop down and find the vial near a dead civilian.
  • 1 in Richard the Great's hideout, inside the medical container next to the computer desk (accessible during or after the side mission Cult of Personality).
  • 1 on a balcony above the courtyard where Kazatel is located during the first visit to Prague.
  • 1 on table in the middle of Neon laboratory in the Překážka sewers.
  • 7 (total) in the Church of the MachineGod. Accessible during or after M11: Confronting the Bomb-Maker.
    • 1 carried by a cultist at the stairs between the bottom floor and the second floor.
    • 2 in the medical room adjacent to room 90 in cabinet and medical cooler.
    • 1 in a drawer in Allison Stanek's apartment room 96.
    • 3 in hidden safe behind the painting near the camera in room 95. 

Prague - Northern Part (Čistá Čtvrť and Dávný District)

  • 14 (total) in Palisade Property Bank:
    • 4 in a safe in the Executive Safes A section.
    • 3 in a level 3 safe in the Tai Yong Medical corporate vault.
    • 5 in a level 1 safe in the VersaLife corporate vault (accessible only during M12: The Heist).
    • 1 in Executive Safes B security room, white vault in the wall.
    • 1 in Level 1 of the Palisade Property Bank's garage, in a plastic case in a gas-filled area, under a dead end short corridor.
  • 6 in a gas-filled room in Lekarna Pharmacy, accessible by the vent opening at the stairs.
  • 3 in TF29 HQ infirmary, inside a level 2 safe (code 4822).
  • 3 in the L.I.M.B. Clinic's ceiling area. Two are in a box, and one is in a case.
  • 3 (total) in Libuse Apartments:
    • 1 in apt. 85 (Johnny Gunn's apartment), next to the toilet.
    • 2 in apt. 96 (Nomad Staněk's apartment), on the desk in the hidden room accessible by interacting with a nearby clock.
  • 2 in the right-side storage unit at the small courtyard northeast of Palisade Bank (code 1293). The storage unit also contains a credit chip worth more than 3000 credits.
  • 1 in the basement of Negozio di Magia, inside a medical container under the table.
  • 1 is given after meeting with Delara Auzenne in the mission M6: Taking Care of Business.
  • 1 in an apartment above the Praha Unneda Cleaning Supply building to the northwest of Monument Station. The apartment is accessible through the balcony facing Monument Station. The Neuropozyne is on the body of a deceased civilian inside.
  • 1 in a second-level apartment east of Čerň-Zlatý. The vial is in the bathroom shelf.
  • 1 in the underground section of Pilgrim Station (northeastern metro station). The underground section is accessible through a locked door at the end of the subway platform. The vial is located in the farthest underground room, behind a breakable wall.

Prague - Růžička Station

  • 2 in a case in the room to the southwest of the main hall. Available after second visit to Prague, might respawn during third visit.
  • 1 in the memorial shrine on the right side of the entry stairs, next to a plush giraffe. Available after third visit to Prague.

Golem City

  • 2 in the police storage area near Sokol’s apartment, on opposite shelves to the left and right of the breaker switch.
  • 1 in a small living unit belonging to Mary Morevic that is above Sokol's apartment. Use remote hacking to access the unit. Then, search the containers for a bottle of Neuropozyne.
  • 1 in back area of Louis Gallois' shop on small table with various medicine.
  • 1 in RVAC row, in the security office near the laser grid at the west end of the commissary on level 2, in a medical cooler.
  • 1 in a level 5 safe in Talos Rucker's secret room (the safe also contains a Praxis kit and a triangle code).


  • 1 in the tent structure in Hanger 2, by a computer at the center of the tent.
  • 1 in the level 3 area adjacent to Hanger 2, in a case in the dining room in which the ARC solders have been poisoned.


  • Apex centre, level 7, attic of room with blue exercise ball.
  • 1 in meeting room C106, in a medical box. Meeting room C106 is in the meeting rooms area, past the catering area.


  • Neuropozyne is regularly mentioned to be administered by injection, but can also be ingested in pill-form.
  • During experiments performed on him as a child by VersaLife, Adam Jensen's biology was altered in such a way that he does not require Neuropozyne to prevent scarring and rejection. This makes him the only known mechanically augmented person that does not rely on the drug.
  • Neuropozyne is comparable to Ambrosia in Deus Ex. The latter is required to temporarily stave off the harmful effects of the Gray Death nano-virus. Neuropozyne and Ambrosia are manufactured by VersaLife, and both drugs are heavily controlled by organizations in power (namely the Illuminati and Majestic 12). As a result, both are exceedingly rare and this allows them to be used as leverage to gain power over persons or organizations.
  • When mixed with the drug Neon, Neuropozyne becomes poisonous and triggers a fatal allergic reaction in an augmented individual.



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