Nightshades in a nightclub in Panama City in Deus Ex: The Fall. Ben Saxon, visits Nightshades as part of the main mission Dark Ties. There he meets the Belltower pilot Alex Vega to learn what she knows about Belltower's involvement in the Riezene shipments.

Apparently, at the back of the club there's an alleged meeting by some people about the gangs.

Getting into NightshadesEdit

Nightshades can be accessed in the following ways:

  • Via the back door (near the road leading to the Slums):
    • Use code 5643 to unlock the gate. A pocket secretary with this code can be found nearby, behind the gate blocked by a heavy crate.
    • Hack the level 2 keypad to unlock the gate.
  • Via the front door:
    • Knock out or kill the bouncers.
    • Buy the entry pass from the bouncer for 2000 Credit symbol.
    • CASIE augmentation: Use pheromones to intimidate the bouncer.
    • Get the entry pass from Cobra as one of the possible rewards for the Dirty Deeds side quest.
    • Buy the entry pass from Cobra for 500 Credit symbol after completing the Dirty Deeds side quest (only if Ben choses another reward).


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