System Rift.png "You won't regret this."
"I already do."
— Spoilers for System Rift follow!
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Niko Saridakis is the husband of deceased Palisade engineer Simona Saridakis. In System Rift, speaking to Niko unlocks the optional objectives for investigating the murder of Simona.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Niko's wife Simona was killed by the defense systems of the Palisade Blade-01. Niko suspected foul play on part of Palisade's founders Masaaki Oshiro and Ashani Talwar. However, Niko was not able to obtain evidence to support his claim. Nonetheless, the absence of evidence has not dissuaded Niko from pursuing his case.

At one point, Oshiro tried to pay off Niko to keep quiet on the incident, but Niko rejected the offer.

Adam Jensen can encounter Niko at the Blade Plaza, near the entrance to Palisade Blade-01. If Jensen successfully uncovers four pieces of incriminating evidence proving Niko's story, Jensen may release the evidence to the Darknet or Niko's lawyer. If the evidence is released to Niko's lawyer, Eliza Cassan will make a news report on Picus TV indicating the local lawyer has uncovered evidence implicating Oshiro and Talwar.

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