Nina Sullivan is a character from The Missing Link DLC for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. She is a Canadian student who was kidnapped by Belltower while on vacation in Cape Town, South Africa. She is then transported to Rifleman Bank Station as a test subject for the Hyron Project which is being developed there. According to Nina, the scientists at RBS performed biopsies and took blood samples from her as part of their research.

Adam Jensen encounters Nina while infiltrating the station's science and interrogation wing. At this time, she is being kept in a confinement cell before being transferred to the Seafloor Lab. Here she would be transformed into a Hyron drone due to her apparent compatibility with the technology.

If Jensen succeeds in saving the prisoners at the Rifleman Bank Station, Nina Sullivan may be found surviving in one of the prison cells (the third floor of the cells, near the interrogation wing entrance). She thanks Adam for saving herself and the other prisoners.

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  • Nina will stop Adam Jensen and engage him in conversation even if he is using the Cloaking System when he passes by her.


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