Ning Tsai is a character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, involved in the Rotten Business side quest. She works as a prostitute at the Hung Hua Hotel in Hengsha.


Before Belltower Associates took over many of the responsibilities the police previously had in the district, Mei practically ran the brothel on her own, bribing the cops for protection. With the arrival of Belltower however, a gangster named Diamond Chan took control of the brothel and began to force girls to get augmentations to gain higher profits. While the other prostitutes were either convinced or forced to get augmented, Ning was the latest one on that list, and when she refused, Chan's thugs have kidnapped her, in preparation for forceful augmentation.

Eventually, she is rescued from her captors by Adam Jensen, on a request from Mei Suen, a close friend of Ning. After this, she takes the opportunity to leave Hengsha.

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