"Emits an indistinct and non-threatening noise that can be used to attract attention. Detonates after a brief duration or can be set to detonate on contact by using the alternate firing mode."
- description of Noisemaker, Deus Ex: Invisible War
Noisemaker IW

Noisemaker grenade

Noisemakers are somewhat rare type of grenade found only in Deus Ex: Invisible War


The Noisemaker grenade is a small grenade that makes noises that sound like someone talking when it "explodes". The noises will attract the attention of humans and larger robots in the area. They will walk over to the noisemaker and stare at it until the Noisemaker shuts down on its own.

The primary fire throws the Noisemaker and makes it activate after a few seconds, while the secondary fire throws it and activates it as soon as it hits something.


  • The Noisemaker grenade is a great diversionary weapon for stealthy players. They can toss a Noisemaker in order to attract enemies to a certain location, then sneak by the occupied enemies. This can be a lifesaver in later parts of the game when Templars wearing Templar V68A power armor appear, especially if the player doesn't have Cloak.
  • Aggressive players can also use a similar tactic, but instead of sneaking by, they can attack. Enemies will usually be grouped together, so weapons meant for taking out crowds of enemies, like the concussion grenade, EMP grenade, rocket launcher, and SMG, tend to work best. Sniping the enemies that approach the Noisemaker also works.
  • Unless the player wants the Noisemaker to bounce off of a wall or two, the alternate fire is the better because it activates the Noisemaker immediately.
  • Noisemaker grenades are very rare, so they should be kept for very dangerous situations, such as ones involving Illuminati Elite Troopers or Templars wearing V68A power armor.