Nomad Stanek's computer is a computer belonging to Nomad Stanek that appears in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It can be found in his Libuse Apartment (#96), but is not available until M8: Tracking Down the Real Terrorists. The computer has a security rating of 1.


Allison is dangerousEdit

From: Dr. Evan Rondo
To: Nomad.Stanek@tmail.mail


Allison attacked me. I am deeply concerned for her wellbeing right now - and yours for that matter. She is dangerous. I'm sorry Nomad, but I had to report the incident to the police. The things she was saying were very disturbing. I know the doctors at Bohnice failed her and I know you were hoping that I could repair her mental state but — and this is my professional opinion here - I'm not entirely convinced she wants to be helped. I'm not even sure her condition is related to her injures at all. There's something else going on with her, something inborn. Please don't bring her here anymore. I'm sorry.

Dr. Rondo

Termination of in-patient careEdit

From: Emma Gein
To: Nomad.Stanek@tmail.mail

Mr. Stanek,

Even though your daughter continues to make a slow recovery from the severe neurotic depressive illness which has necessitated in her in-patient care, we are sorry to have to inform you that she cannot be mentally restored. Effective 02-16-28 we kindly request Allison be returned to your care. You may collect her at our facility on or before the aforementioned date. Once in your care, Allison should be followed up regularly in the out-patient clinic with Dr. Rondo. I am truly sorry that we were unable to provide Allison with a successful treatment.


Emma Gein
Administration Director
Psychiatric Hospital Bohnice

your daughterEdit

From: radich.n@thefamily
To: Nomad.Stanek@tmail.mail

It has come to my attention that your daughter may be involving herself with the wrong people. If so, she should be discouraged, strongly.
Keep an eye out, Nomad. It would be a shame if some of her mess were to splash onto you.

Re: Please meet meEdit

From: Allison.Stanek@tmail.mail
To: Nomad.Stanek@tmail.mail

I can't promise. But know that even though the paths we walk are forever fated to run parallel, I do love you, father.

From: Nomad.Stanek@tmail.mail
To: Allison.Stanek@tmail.mail
Subject: Please meet me

Dearest daughter,

Why are you avoiding me? When I first brought you home from the hospital you were so happy. For the first time I thought you had finally found some peace. But now I'm frightened that those parasites you've fallen in with are corrupting you. I'm sorry, I know that they are your friends, but I just... I wish you wouldn't shut me out of your life. Please, I need to see you. Meet me? Even for a few minutes, just so I can see that you are okay. I'll get our favorite table at the Irish Stool. You remember the spot downstairs? Allison please come. Promise me?

Your loving father.

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