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Nosey is a drunkard who lives in Prague in 2029.


"Nosey" is not the man's real name. Gabriel Nelson, a member of Task Force 29's organized crime unit, calls the man "Nosey" because Nosey watches everyone. For this reason, Nelson sometimes utilizes Nosey as an informant. When Marcie Sedlák expressed concerns that the Task Force's storefront was being watched by Nosey, Nelson assures her that Nosey is harmless, and that he knows better than to get on TF29's bad side.[1]

When Adam Jensen is investigating Nomad Staněk's whereabouts, Nosey can be encountered near Staněk's shop, which has been destroyed by an explosion. Nosey will tell Jensen that Staněk was falling behind in his payments to the Dvali, and that the explosion was a message to Staněk from the Dvali.

Jensen can persuade Nosey to reveal the whereabouts of Staněk, or alternatively gain this information from Nosey by giving alcohol or a bribe.

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