DXMD nuke virus hacking software
Nuke Virus Software is a hacking software in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The item is usable during the hacking minigame.


This program uses overwhelming force to instantly overtake system nodes regardless of status or level. The brute nature of this tool ignores stealth for fast results, causing a 100% detection when used.

Gameplay Edit

The Nuke Virus permits any node to be captured instantly, making the software useful against high-level nodes that would otherwise take a long time to capture. Despite using "overwhelming force" to capture nodes, firewalls at inter-nodal connections will still momentarily pause it.

The Nuke Virus has a 100% detection chance even with a fully upgraded Hacking: Stealth augmentation. Therefore, this software is useful only when racing against the diagnostic countdown. The Nuke Virus can still be combined with Stealth Software to instantly capture a node with 0% detection chance. However, doing so yields no benefits, because the Stealth Software is used to capture a node prior to start of the diagnostic countdown.

Using Nuke Virus on a node will amusingly blow up the node icon. Explosion sound effects are also played.

Besides normal hacking, the Nuke Virus can also be used during a remote hacking operation of the Remote Hacking augmentation. Use of the Nuke Virus during remote hacking will instantly and randomly eliminate one firewall.

The item is sold by the merchants Costache in Prague and Entity in Golem City, and can also be found in various locations in the game. Nuke software is by far the most common hack software, but the nature of it means that once you use one nuke, you're probably going to use further nukes to solve the hack in question.

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