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Ny'ashia Akim is a mechanically augmented Nigerian pop star active in the 2020s.


In 2025, Ny'ashia Akim was severely injured during a terrorist attack in Lagos, Nigeria. The accident led to multiple candlelight vigils across the world by her fans.[1]

Akim writes music primarily about growing up in war-torn, plague-ridden Nigeria. Her album 'Yoruba' is about her struggles with discrimination, poverty and augmentations. In 2027, she attends the PlanetMusic Awards in Los Angeles and receives six awards across multiple categories. This was the first time she appeared at the award show since the terrorist attack in 2025.[2]

At the awards she speaks out about living with augmentations, saying

"As a woman of color, living with augmentations is certainly a challenge. You become a stranger in every culture, and Neuropozyne is so expensive. Thank God I am blessed to be able to afford it. It is a struggle, but it enables me to continue doing what I love - performing."

In 2029, Picus TV hosts a debate between Akim and Dr. Stansfield Christiansen on the merits of the Human Restoration Act. Akim is also interviewed on Picus Worldwide News in a news segment on the Human Restoration Act, during which she speaks against the Act and criticizes Christiansen's position.


  • According to the TV program listing in On-View, Akim had a concert tour called "The Steel Skin Tour". One location visited on this tour was Mombasa, Kenya.
  • When interviewed on Picus Worldwide News on the Human Restoration Act, Akim says, "You can choose to only show my shoe, which is very ugly, but that is only a small part of me" in describing the media's bias in focusing on terror, conflict, and chaos rather than on love and compassion. This is an actual quote by Swedish statistician and public speaker Hans Rosling that he said during an interview.