Oleg Drago's computer can be found in his apartment, which is the subject of the Rich Man Poor Aug point of interest. The computer has a security rating of 3. The e-mails reveal that Drago has an unregistered augmentation and that he has been approved to open an account at the Palisade Property Bank.

E-mails Edit

Test results Edit

From: Dr. Otej Strandt
To: Oleg Drago

Dear Mr Drago,

The tests have come back negative, and as far as I am concerned this eliminates all other explanations. It is my formal diagnosis that your headaches are caused by your neural augmentation.

This is potentially very serious but not something I can treat. My advice is to approach an authorized augmentation specialist through one of the main Prague hospitals and have it fully scanned, even though they will be required to register your augmentation.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Dr. Otej Strandt
Strandt, Levi & Leche Medical

Your Account Is Approved Edit

From: Romanek.Tomas@palisade.corp
To: Oleg Drago

Mr. Drago,

I am pleased to inform you that the security checks on your new account have now cleared. This of course means access to your VIP services, including use of the vault assigned to your account, will be ready within 3 business days. In the meantime, you can bring in your biometric identification on the datastick we provided and present it to me in person so that we may present you with your Client Access card.

I look forward to finally meeting you in person.

Yours faithfully,

Tomas Romanek
Account Manager
Palisade Property Bank

stock alert Edit

From: Vera.Nakonechny@LMDB
To: Oleg Drago


Sorry to hear you're not feeling great but thumbs up for private medical, at least.

Just wanted to give you a headsupsicIcon sic before you come in tomorrow that we have a new mandate to liquidate all our clients' stock in Khondal Securities by the end of the week. The Board just learned that they still sell insurance to Augs and it‘s causing ripples, surprise surprise. Dirty hanzers're even depressing the markets for god's sake.

Hope you're better tomorrow, buddy.

Vera Nakonechny
Senior Consultant
LMDB International

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