Omar trader

The Omar Traders serve as the actual business arm of the Omar, while Omar protectors serve as bodyguards.


They are distinguished by their eyes; the traders have red slits, opposed to the large yellow eyes of the protectors, and have a rasp in their voice. Every trader in the game will sell three things, usually weapon mods and black market biomod canisters, and most will offer side quests. If Alex D completes these quests, the Omar will give them discounts on their wares.

Killing a trader or protector will result in a loss of all discounts. Traders can be found in the Seattle Enclave, lower Seattle, Cairo, and Trier. Because of the Omars rough relationship with most other post-collapse factions, they are often the target of attacks. In Cairo a group of Knights Templar assault some traders, and it is up to the player to defend the Omar or let them fight. Leo Jankowski, a former Tarsus Academy trainee, becomes an Omar bodyguard, and finding success with them he enters the early stages of Omar modification. He is last seen at Liberty Island, running from the Omar.


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