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Operation Rainbird is a mission undertaken by Belltower Associates in Australia in 2026[1] during the Australian Civil War. The mission is described in Deus Ex: Icarus Effect.

The operation[]

The objective of Operation Rainbird was to send in Ben Saxon and his Strike Team 6 to swiftly raid enemy forces in Australia. Prior to the mission, Belltower's intelligence corps gave Saxon the briefing that the mission was safe ("No drones. A clear run. Direct line of assault."). However, the mission is abruptly halted when a hostile drone destroys the plane carrying Saxon's team. Saxon survives, but the rest of his team, which included Sam Duarte, is apparently killed.


Jaron Namir would later inform Ben Saxon that the Russian minister Mikhail Kontarsky was responsible for the sabotage of Operation Rainbird. He uses Saxon's desire for revenge to convince him to join the Tyrants and to kill Kontarsky. However, Saxon eventually discovers that Namir was responsible for its sabotage, being the one who sent the drone. Namir admits to Saxon that he sabotaged the mission to see if Saxon had the courage to survive, as some sort test of worthiness.


  1. In Icarus Effect, it is noted that Operation Rainbird took place "six months ago" from a point in time prior to the Tyrants' attack on Sarif Industries Headquarters.