The Order Mosque is a church of the Order Church in Cairo in 2072, and also serves as the public entrance and exit to the Cairo Arcology.


Although the building served as a mosque to Cairo's Muslim population before the Collapse, it was repurposed to serve the newly amalgamated Order Church not long after. In addition to being a place of worship, the mosque serves two additional purposes: a relief center for victims of Nanite Swell 11, and a choke point for anyone who wishes to enter the Cairo Arcology. Similar to the Greasel Pit Bar in Lower Seattle, anyone entering the mosque must submit to weapon-locking bytecodes at both ends of the facility.

Notable CharactersEdit

On Alex Denton's first visit to Cairo, Billie Adams and Luminon Saman are speaking in the center, and Mina Ameer can be found with her mother in a lower hallway with sick patients.

On the second visit, the Knights Templar have taken over the facility, and it is only populated by Paladins and an RB-76 in the center of the large room.

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