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DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

Otar Botkoveli (Georgian: ოთარ ბოტკოველი) is the second in command of the Dvali crime family in Prague during 2029. He runs an underground casino in the Čistá Čtvrť sewers.


Otar disagrees with the way Radich Nikoladze has been leading the Dvali. Otar sees Radich's policies as being subversive to the traditional, old ways favored by Otar. Otar is also concerned about the amount of Russians entering the Dvali, a Georgian-origin group.[1] All this aspires him to displace Nikoladze from the kingpin's position.

In order to undermine Radich's position, Otar Botkoveli sends his thugs to ransack The Time Machine and intimidate its owner, Václav Koller, whom Otar suspects as having unexplained ties with Radich. This plan falls short, however, when Radich recalls the Dvali men back.[2]

Meanwhile, Adam Jensen arrives at Koller's dungeon. Koller directs Jensen to an underground casino owned by Otar to retrieve a neuroplasticity calibrator that Otar had been withholding from him. When Jensen arrives at the casino, he can gain the trust and tentative alliance of Otar in exchange for a favor or two down the road.

If Jensen made an agreement with Otar, Jensen is contacted by Otar through Infolink during his trek through Golem City. Otar informs Jensen of a certain merchant named Louis Gallois who has a shop set up in the area. For his first favor, Otar tasks Jensen with taking this merchant out, though how he does it is his business. It turns out that Louis Gallois supplies Neuropozyne for Radich, and Koller maintains Radich's augmented leg.

While having Louis Gallois killed undermines Radich's position, Otar still needs additional help in displacing Radich. After returning to Prague, Jensen is once again contacted by Otar, who asks Jensen to complete a second favor before he will let him off the hook. Otar directs Jensen over to the Red Queen, a nightclub in the Red Light District and help its proprietor, Máša Kadlek, with a certain family business. Completion of the deed seals an alliance between Otar and Máša Kadlek. Once the deed is done, Otar contacts Jensen for the last time to express his gratitude. He will also spare Koller.

If Otar was helped out with his two favors (and Gallois is dead and not just on the run), he will succeed Radich as the leader of the local Dvali branch and will grant Jensen safe passage into his territory and the Dvali Theater when Prague is under martial law. Otar will say that Radich perished in an unfortunate accident. Despite his success in displacing Radich, Otar rose to power too late, as Nikoladze had already finished his end of the deal with Viktor Marchenko in agreeing to smuggle explosives along with the Orchid to the Apex Centre in London. Otar then bids Jensen farewell and good luck with his plans to stop the Illuminati's plot. After Marchenko and Shadow Operatives attack the Apex Centre, a Picus TV news segment reports that Otar is wanted for questioning, but has disappeared off the grid.  

Alternatively, if Radich remained in power, Otar can be seen arguing with Radich in the Dvali Theater about his smuggling deal with Marchenko. Otar considers Radich's deal imprudent and urges taking measures to limit its damage. However, Radich angrily dismisses Otar from his office. 


DXMD objective icon (grayscale)
This character is involved in missions. SM04: The Calibrator
M7: The Rucker Extraction
SM09: All in the Family
M14: Hunting Down the Final Clues
This character is involved in a point of interest. One Last Favor


  • SM04: The Calibrator: Jensen can make a deal with Otar in exchange for peacefully turning over the calibrator.
  • M7: The Rucker Extraction: If Jensen made a deal with Otar during "SM04: The Calibrator," Otar will contact Jensen over infolink to ask the latter to complete his first favor, which is taking out Louis Gallois. For a Pacifist playthrough, the player can provoke Gallois into attacking them through dialogue and let the nearby police officers kill him, which will fully complete the favor.
  • SM09: All in the Family: If Jensen completed Otar's task during "M7: The Rucker Extraction," Otar will contact Jensen over infolink for a second favor. This begins the One Last Favor point of interest. Completing the point of interest leads to the mission.
  • M14: Hunting Down the Final Clues: Otar's role depends on the outcome of the previous missions.
    • If Jensen completed both favors, including the death of Gallois and not just warning him off, Otar becomes the leader of the Dvali in Prague, allowing Jensen to visit the Dvali Theater peacefully. Jensen will call in to collect his favor when heading to the Dvali Territory, and will meet Otar in the manager's office of theater.
    • If Radich is still in power (and Otar is still alive), Otar can be seen arguing with Radich in Radich's office in the theater. Otar will not be friendly to Jensen in this situation.

Personality and traits[]

Otar is a ruthless gangster, but he sees himself as a fairly honorable man; as an 'old-school' Dvali, he remembers the past with romanticism and believes that the younger generation and leadership have strayed from the principles that once guided the organization. He still believes in a strict code of conduct and spends considerable time trying to mentor the younger Dvali -- sometimes with lethal examples.

The easiest way for Jensen to successfully converse with Otar is to be as clear and straightforward as possible; Otar respects being direct and honest, even when speaking with Jensen -- who is both an Aug and a police officer. Evasion, duplicity, or coyness offends Otar's sensibilities, which puts him at odds with Nikoladze (and by extension, Vaclav Koller) and Gallois, respectively.

Otar has a strict sense of loyalty expressed in quid pro quo -- or "as you do for me, I shall do for you". For friends and allies, this means using his power and influence to render aid and assistance, and to his enemies, measured and escalating violence. As such, his guiding principle is that 'business' is the great equalizer between people, regardless of their social status or creed; deals must be made in good faith, with the terms honored, and if reneged, it is only appropriate for each party to accept the consequences.

At first glance, the elder Dvali might appear to be a gambler, favoring "high-risk, high-reward" strategies; however, Otar knows that the safest play is to own the casino, not try to win at the tables. He's willing to take measured risks but only advances when he knows the outcome is certain and to his advantage; as such, he approves of dealing in black market medicine, human trafficking, and arms, but not in dealing with terrorist organizations. Similarly, he does not openly oppose Nikoladze until he has countered his support (using Jensen to co-opt Koller), stacked political Dvali support in his favor (leveraging Masa Kadlich), and removed Nikoladze's intelligence gathering capability (by taking Gallois off the field).

In his interactions, Otar is often mercurial, being affable and amiable one moment, but harsh and critical the next. In general, if he is pleased, he will be extremely friendly and hospitable, but if displeased, he will immediately express his anger or frustration. This directness may be abrasive, but will clearly indicate where someone stands with him.

CASIE Summary[]

The CASIE Social Enhancer describes Otar as follows:

Personality Traits:

  • Honorable
  • Proud
  • Circumspect

Psychological Profile:

  • Insists on principled behavior. Demonstrate similar standards.
  • Gets aggressive when insulted. Be respectful without patronizing.
  • Keeps most thoughts and feelings to himself. Proceed cautiously.


  • Otar is seen beside his trusty right-hand man, Vano Shetekauri, who he frequently lectures on the ways of the Dvali. Vano looks up to him and sees him as a mentor or father figure of sorts.
  • Otar carries a unique and powerful scoped revolver, known as Otar's .357, that can be looted from his body after killing or knocking him out. He can take about twice as much damage as his men, and like Radich, other Dvali have hilarious reactions and combat chatter when he's involved. Be aware that nonlethal means employed to 'kill' Otar, like the ever so popular takedown, will void his quest chain. Yes, even if he gets revived by one of his buddies.
  • During the second visit to Prague, Otar can be found in the theater near the stage area.
  • Otar also becomes the leader of the Dvali in Prague (and will also appear in the manager's office of the theater during M14: Hunting Down the Final Clues) if Radich was killed during the second visit to Prague, regardless of whether the favors were completed. However, if the favors were not completed, Otar and the Dvali will be hostile.
    • In the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided endings, if Radich was killed or knocked out during the second visit to Prague, Otar is still considered to be the leader of the Dvali even if he was killed during the first visit to Prague or was likewise killed during the second visit to Prague. This appears to be an oversight.


  • Otar seems to have some unfamiliarity in communicating via InfoLink, preferring to address himself to whomever he contacts despite his face being plainly visible on their HUD. Jensen points this out to him at one point.
  • Jensen can tell Otar that he's come to see him on behalf of a "concerned third party", and in response Otar will comment that Jensen is a "very private person". Both are catchphrases from the Person of Interest TV series.

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