P. Sherman's computer is a computer appearing in Deus Ex. It can be found in the Nanotech section of the Liberty Island MJ12 lab. The login is psherman and the password is raven

E-mail[edit | edit source]

Re: Armory Code Change[edit | edit source]

From: JBlane//UNATCO.31.2376
To: PSherman//UpNet.221.9981
Subject: Re: Armory Code Changed

> In the wake of a failed electronic intrusion attempt by a
>Silhouette terrorist cell, we are upgrading the security
>protocols for this complex; until the new measures are in
>place, lock codes will be changed as follows
>[text deleted]
>Armory 2917

One of my men informed that this code was incorrect; after checking with Ops, we determined that the correct code is "2971".

Cptn. Blane

Operational Status[edit | edit source]

From: WS//UpNet.78543.98231
To: PSherman//UpNet.221.9981
Subject: Operational Status

Continue monitoring the situation with the augmented units; I want all possible wetware recovered from the primary unit, but your top priority should be  the interrogation of the secondary unit ("<players name>"),  Viability of the secondary unit is of non-importance now that the killswitch has been activated -- I'd like any procedures employed selected with an eye towards maximum informational yield.

Until the freighter preparations have been completed, you will have full authority over UNATCO headquarters and attached facilities.

RE: Security Directives[edit | edit source]

From: Djacobi//UNATCO.363.67398
To: PSherman//UpNet.221.9981
Subject: RE: Security Directives

>* All augmentation canisters should immediately be removed
>to a secure area and access restricted to authorized
>personnel with clearance of Domination/5F or higher only

After inventory, we have moved one augmentation canister 12C (aggressive defense/spy drone) to the Nanotech Lab where it has been placed in a suspension crate, coded 9905.

Commando Refit[edit | edit source]

From: WS//UpNet.78543.98231
To: PSherman//UpNet.221.9981
Subject: Commando Refit

New detachments of MJ12 commando units are now being refitted and should come online shortly. Upgraded units will be assigned on an "as necessary" basis to high priority MJ12 facilities; one of the first teams should arrive at your location within forty-eight hours to be placed directly under your command.

In addition to their standard 7.62mm firearms, short range rockets have been added to their arsenal.  Enhanced power armor utilizing heat-dispersing foam insulation will greatly reduce damage from fire or plasma weaponry, while ballistic shielding provides better protection from small arms fire.  An integrated rebreather also renders the invulnerable to any aerosol or gas weapons.

Use this team and your discretion to maintain the integrity of the facility and support MJ12 forces already in New York.

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